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Skype can't detect sound card, issue with playback device.

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I have just received my Razer kraken 7.1 headset and have installed razer synapse 2.0. I have set up my mic and speakers of the headset through the control panel, my playback is set as the razer kraken 7.1 earphone and the mic is set as the headset microphone through the recording tab. When I launch skype there is no sound produce through the application, however with previous headsets there has been, I have tried going on youtube to see if sound comes through the headset and it does. Previously I have been using a turtle beach z11 which used 3.5mm jacks in to the computer however this new headset is usb operated. When skype opens and I try to call someone it says problem with playback device meaning I can't call anyone at all. However when checking call quality it says everything is working fine even though it isn't.


So far I have tried re-installing skype and restarting my pc none of this has worked so far, I know this isn't likely a fault with the headset as it works with all other programmes I have tried.


I am using a custom built pc with


OS: WIN7 64 BIT Home Premium


CPU: i5-3550
RAM: 8gb 1333mhz

Motherboard: Asus p67 series

Sound card: Onboard 7.1 audio


Any help with my problems would be much appreciated.




George Snell


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The fact that this hasn't even been replied to yet shows how bad the customer support is on skype haha. I will wait till it's resolved, until then I'll use mumble

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I am having the same problem... I havent found a fix. 

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@gsnell, Please setup your audio device directly in Skype and not only in the windows playback/record interface.
Also, please try to quit synapse 2.0 since it may interfere with Skype.

Also please try with the latest 6.13 version

if nothing helps, Can you please provide logs as described in this link under Skype for Windows Desktop and attach it to your post?

Thank you

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Same problem here.. where i can find the solution?

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@GabrielRipper, please check my previous post

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So... We're all going to feel stupid after this, I know I did. Run skype in compatibility mode for XP sp3. I threw mine into administrator mode just for the hell of it as well. Works like a charm now. 

This is for those of us with kraken 7.1 headsets only it seems.

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There's a HUGE problem with the fix for this headset though. It seriously SCREWS up skype. As in, MAJORLY. There's huge delays when answering calls (if it'll even let you). Sometimes it bugs out and says not enough storage space, so yeah. I'm extremely disappointed. Not to mention all the dropped calls because of being on compatibility. It majorly sucks. 

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i have the same proplem but i think it was skype where was wrong

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Former Staff

Can you please reproduce the issue and provide logs as described in this link under Skype for Windows Desktop and attach it to your post?


By looking at the logs we could see what is causing the problem and suggest a solution/workaround or identify a real bug.

Thank you

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