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Skype can't detect any webcam

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Since I updated the newer version of skype 6.11, my video does not work anymore. When I go under options, I get the message, "skype can't detect any webcam". I have a built-in camera in my laptop using windows 7. I know my camera works, but I don't know how to make skype detect my built-in camera. So far, I can call people, I see and hear them and they can hear me, but they can't see me since I don't even have the options to put on my camera anymore. Please, can anyone help me with this issue? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled skype, but it does not work. Thank you

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Please,  run the DirectX diagnostics tool.


Go to Windows Start and in the Run box type dxdiag.exe and press the OK button. This will start the DirectX diagnostics program. Run this diagnostics and save the results to a file. Please, attach this file to your post.


Be aware that you will have to zip this file before attaching it here.

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I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time now and have tried reinstalling skype and the webcam but yet to no avail. 

Sometimes the webcam works for a few minutes but then it will make a beeping noise and will disappear completely. 

I have searched forums and tried everything suggested, however, nothing seems to work.

Could someone please help me urgently.

Thank you so much


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@jacobc, Can you please reproduce the issue and provide logs as described in this link under Skype for Windows Desktop and attach it to your post?

Thank you

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Hi, thanks for your message, however, I got as far as number 4 and then could not find skype client?

What am I doing wrong?

  1. Quit Skype
  2. Download and extract the logging-related registry files:
  3. Right-click the zip file and select Extract all, then click OK to unzip the file, then navigate to the folder where you extracted the logging-related command files.
  4. Run logging-on.reg to set the Skype logging-related Registry key.
  5. Start the Skype client.

I have attached the directx diagnostics report if that helps.

Thank you


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Skype client is just the Skype program installed on your computer. Start Skype as you use to start Skype.

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Thanks for that.  I have just logged onto skype and the same thing happened.  The camera was there initially and then it started making a bleeping sound and disappeared with a message saying webcam can not be detected?  Please help.

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Try to test your webcam using this online test site:

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I wanted to add to this thread that if you sporadically get the below/attached error message (along with noise) when you haven't added any hardware, then it may be indicative of a failing onboard USB-based hardware device like your webcam or its (internal) cable.




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thank you for your message, however, the link does not work.  It says connect webcam and open page and the next button is not visible.  My webcam is also built in.   

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