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Skype and League of Legends

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I have this problem with skype and the game league of legends. Whenever i have a call in skype running at the same time as a league of legends game. Both the league of legends client and my skype call crashes.


Just the other day i was in a 2hr long call with someone and then decided to start playing league of legends. The moment champion select ended and the game started, they both crashed and i couldnt get back into my skype call or rejoining my game in LoL. This event has been only one of the many times it has happened. The LoL support team told me to find help here.

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bump, still require assistance with this problem.

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Sorry to hear about your crash problem.
Can you please try if it persists with the new Skype 6.3 for Windows:

If it does:
- Can you share the content of the Windows crash report that is shown afterwards? That might help already in identifying the cuplrit.
- Can you please supply a log file of Skype crashing so we can look at what's going wrong there:

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Try updating your network adapter driver(s). You'll probably have to find it online and download it, because the control panel online search in Windows will not find the latest version. I had this same problem and this fix worked for me.
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This is now so bad you need teamspeak or other solliution to use Leuge of legends.

Skhpe & LOL does NOT workafter latest LOL patch.. .

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Having this problem as well, cannot use skype with league of legends anymore.  Nothing to do with bandwidth, game crashes when going from team select to loading screen.

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Reinstalling adobe air might fix the problem. And make sure you uncheck the "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections" 

Old post but for ppl who search for this it might help

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