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Skype alt tabbing me out of full screen

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Hi all!


My problem is that whenever I'm playing a game, e.g. Battlefield 3, and I'm in a call and the other person ends that call, skype automatically alt+tabs me out of the game. It takes forever for my computer to exit out of bf3 and so effectively skype just crashes my game. At the moment an upgrade to my PC is out of the question because I simply can't afford it.


I've had a look in the options and can't really find anything that's relative to my problem, but it's possible I've missed something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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Im having the same issue, whenever im in a game of League of Legends if someone calls me the game toabs me out for the call, this only happens after i reformed my PC, before I did, it would just flash the answer button at the side of the screen.


DO you have any insight into this?



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I and everyone I know and has ever known has the same issue. It's so goddamn annoying. Today I played on my hardcore Diablo 3 character when my mate hung up our skype call. I was in the middle of a difficult fight when this happened and of course my Skype tabs out - and I die... For those of you who don't know, playing Diablo 3 hardcore mode means that when you die once with your character, he's gone. And this is a common problem and it happens everytime someone gets added to the call as well. This basically means that you can't play games on your computer when you use Skype. I personally thought that Skype aimed towards being a suitable option for gamers but this is clearly a step in the other direction.


After what happened today I am seriously starting to lose my mind and seeing that you guys are not even answering questions in your own forums might do it.




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Same problem here, getting alt+tab while on lol or dota, and getting myself ganked. Can u help us set a configuration in wich skype doesn't  take control of the screen.

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This is a problem for me too, it's really inconvenient and frustrating. Please look into this.

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I even tried to auto set it to auto answer. still popped me out of the game.

Wish it was possible to just use the hotkey's to answer calls, without any visual interference from skype.

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o...m....g this just happened to me. Was in a call with a mate in dota 2 he calls someone to the party, it alt tabs me and i get killed.


Seriously. Can skype stop being so FING annoying. Asks me to update every day, alt tabs you any chance it can get. Crickey i just want to use it to talk to people, dont want to fill out surveys.


I've noticed all this annoying crap since microsoft bought skype.


Can't wait for someone to make the next best Voip proggy. Or hope steam chat gets better.

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I was playing CS GO when this happened and got me killed... such a useless feature

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The only fix that i have found is being on do not disturb all the time but its annoying cause my friends get pissed off at me cause they cant call me and have to send me a message on skype first

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Do not disturb used to work, but now if i'm in a call and a person is added i get alt tabbed out

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