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Skype Won't Download

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Hey guys. I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. I have had Skype on here before, but I  uninstalled it because it wouldn't ever sign me in. 


I have tried and tried to reinstall it I don't know how many times. Each time I try, it gets to what looks like the end, but it never finishes. I've waited almost an hour, but it still won't finish downloading. In about the middle of installing, a message pops up asking me to close out of applications when I don't even have anything running. I've tried choosing both options, one being that it will automatically close them for me and the other restarting the system once Skype downloads, but it still never finishes downloading.


In several instances, an error message pops up and says "Error reading File." I can't exactly remember which file, but I know it had the word PHONE in it.


I've looked up this problem online already. I've tried restarting, shutting down my computer. I went back and uninstalled any Skype aspect I had on my computer, but it still doesn't work.


Am I just never going to be able to use Skype? Help.

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What antivirus software are you using?

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Trend Micro.

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A new version has just been released:

Please click the "Get Skype" link at the top upper left of this page and download the normal version of Skype, NOT the beta version to get this new version.

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I am trying that right now, but this error message just popped up. And this is after shutting down my security progam. It says:


Error writing to file:

C:/ProgramDate/Skype/Apps/login/static/images/headerBg.png. Verify that you have access to that directory.


I have no idea what that means...

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Please check your malware protection and allow the Skype install. Worse case, disable it to do the install ("Note: Please do NOT do any internet surfing if you do this until you re-enable it").

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I've already tried that. I turned everything off when I did that download. As well, Skype freezes up my computer every time it fails so I have to shut it down.

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And now I can't even try to download Skype, because it won't let me download it without signing in. And when I try to sign in on my laptop, it says I can't do it because I have cookies disabled in my browser, and I have no earthly idea what that even means.

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Did you finish the install of the latest version? Did it start? Does it freeze?

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Yes it starts, and it gets to what looks like the very end, but then it never finishes. It says it's still responding, but I can't ever pull anything else up when it downloads and it won't close so I have to turn off my computer.

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