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Skype Lag, with fast connection?

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Hi all, This issue is driving me nuts. System info: Telstra Bigpond ADSL2+ (23mb down, 0.9mb up sync) 8GB Ram i5 2600k Gigabyte G1.Sniper.2 Motherboard (has a BigFoot Killer E2100 NIC) All other voip programs like ventrillo etc work fine. Just Skype voice chat lags(not using video) People cut in and out and sound becomes very distorted. If im in a group call, everyone can hear each other fine, I just have trouble with them. Happens to everyone I talk to. People can hear me fine have tried: using 2 different modems. updating drivers disabled windows firewall opened ports on router/modem uninstalled/reinstalled skype. Call info:
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Just called the echo test. even does it with that.
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You can try to reset all Skype settings.


Quit Skype or use Windows Task Manager to kill any Skype.exe process. Go to Windows Start and in the Search/Run box type %appdata%, press Enter or click the OK button. The Windows File Explorer will pop up. There locate a folder named “Skype”. Rename this folder to something different, e.g. Skype_old. Restart Skype.


N.B. If needed, you will still be able to re-establish your call and chat history. All data is still saved in the Skype_old folder.

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tried that, also tried removing all registry entries

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try uninstalling Skype with Revo (remove all registry entries)

now try reinstalling latest Skype 6.0 with this link:

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Before and after: Found the issue, its to do with the killer NIC LSP Temp fix: Start => Run cmd.exe cd \Program Files\Bigfoot Networks\Killer Network Manager killertool -lsp-unmap The LSP is used to bypass the Windows TCP stack for known applications, as part of the accelerator (it bypasses things like antivirus software, etc.). When you disable the LSP at least some of the accelerator's hardware features don't work – it's similar to if you use Microsoft's video drivers, versus the manufacturer's video drivers, some features aren't available. Found this by looking up similar issues for this NIC, looks like no one has reported it to Bigfoot networks yet so ill create a support ticket and have the drivers updated
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opps labled them wrong: fixt: [invalid URL]
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try opening a port in your router for keeps port so the stream does not get limited while you are skipping. Worked for me

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Hi, i dont have a Bigfoot Network file what should i do?


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