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Screen Sharing on Skype for Windows 8.1

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I´m not sure if there's something I'm not doing right but I can't seem to find the fay to share my screen on my new ultrabook. I use skype a lot a I use screen sharing on almost every call. Does anyone know how to do this??

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Screen sharing is not available on the modern (metro) version for Windows 8/8.1. If you want all Skype features to be available then you may install the "normal" desktop version. The currently latest Skype version can be installed using this msi-installer:

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Oh, you can't be serious. Way to go Microsoft! "Microsoft: Working Hard to Make the Easy Things Just a Little Bit Harder..."

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I have a brand new ultrabook with win 8.1 pro. I ordered premium account to have a videocall with screen sharing. And now I learned this feature is not included. 

PLEASE inform this in the premium account description!!!

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This is almost comical when you think about it...if it werent such an issue. I cant even remotely understand WHY that woudl be the case, but no...8.1 windows version does not offer screen sharing. Evidently, microsoft has taken the next step in protecting its customers from virus and scam ware...they keep them from interacting with the internet

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I don't think it is comical, but a clear statement that their focus is now on devices and not desktops. I can't think of a need to share my screen on my iPad.


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In that case you're probably not thinking hard enough
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Its a bad idea


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When your are teaching using an app/program (akin to Lecture Notes or even Paint), and need to write mathematical symbols quickly - screen share is ideal. This hurts remote instruction immensely. Way to go Skype and Microsoft...sigh.
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it maybe late but u guys need to install the "skype for desktop" version ,and u should be able to share u screens on it.No need  for an old version.

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