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Running two Skype accounts on Windows 8

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Is there a way that I can run two Skype accounts on Windows 8 using the desktop and not Metro?  I know you could on previous Windows OS but not sure if or how I can do it now.

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The procedure for the desktop version on Windows 8 is exactly the same as in the case of Windows 7. You should make a new shortcut with the "/secondary" switch.

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Thanks for the response. I've done that and I tried both options.  Neither of which worked unfortunately.  Is there anything else that could be done?  Or is maybe something posted there incorrect?

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What is exactly the path you have entered in the Target field of the secondary shortcut?

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The link that you posted above shows two different target paths.  I did the first one it didn't work and then I tried the second one and had no success either.

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You still have not posted what you have entered in the Target field, but the correct syntax is:


"C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe"  /secondary  (if your Windows is 32-bit)


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe"  /secondary  (if your Windows is 64-bit)


Remember an empty space in front of the /secondary switch!!

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Hey thanks for your patience.  I had accidentally skipped over something, but everything is good now.  Thanks again.

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You should install desktop version of skype. Check this video. I have managed to run one skype account in standard windows 8 app, and another account with desktop app. Pretty sure you can even run three of them creating a shortcut with /secondary switch.

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The solution is simple... Simply download the old desktop version and carry on as normal. Skype and Microsoft seem to have completely come off the rails on this one.


I've gone back to the old version and I'm very happy....

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Hi friend!


Its too simple please follow the below steps to open two skypes on Windows8. I use two skypes on my system by usin the below method.

Open your first Skype in a normal way(by double click or by Right click>open), Then to open another skype press the shift key by keeping it pressed right click on skype icon and click "Run as Adminstrator", this will open another skype on your system. Make sure you can't log in with same ID on both Skypes.



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