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Removing people from group Chat

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Okay, so lately my friend has been removing people from group chats. He keeps telling me that all he's doing is right clicking and pressing "remove from group option". ( He is not the leader of the chat). Even when I made the chat and add people, he would remove them. It annoys me now because he always remove me from chat with my other friends.

Can I please know how to do this... so i can get his ass back.

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I don't even get the message to 'REMOVE FROM GROUP OPTION. Where is that.
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Please see-

What are chat commands and roles?

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Hi, I just figured out how to do this. You simply right click over the section where it has their name and at the bottom it shows remove from conversation. Hope this helps.

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This honestly needs to be simplified. I ended up having to remove myself from my own group because your slash commands did not work. for anyone. Please please stop messing with skype. Its not getting better its becoming worse. Reght click and give us more options. remove ban things like that. And obviously the person that creates the conversation should automatically be admin of the group. Shame. This whole software gets worse with every patch....

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