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Removing Facebook contacts from Skype

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Novel Tourist

Is this the solution? I would also like to remove my facebook from my online skype contacts. I don't want to manually delete everyone so is there an easier way to do this? I have already turned off my facebook from my skype.:happy:



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I want to know how to remove contacts off Skype on iPad
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Novel Tourist

everytime i right click, the remove button is not avaiable to click. plz. is there another way. i really dont want 200 friends on skype.

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Novel Tourist

That worked, thank you

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Thank you! This was the only solution that would work for me. When I connected Skype to Facebook, it used the Facebook account remembered in Internet Explorer which was one of my sons. I did not need all my son's Facebook friends in my Skype account. This resolved my issue. Kudos!
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i want to removing facebook contacts frome skype pls

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Novel Adventurer
how do you do this on windows 7?
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Right clicking on Facebook contacts does not offer the remove option. It is only offered for direct facebook contacts when i log in. why is that so and what is the solution to remove specific facebook contacts?


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I've removed skype from my facebook apps, i've removed the facebook connection on skype and still have my contacts on my skype.. Please do something about this or I will have to elsewhere for my Voip-calls. I've macbook pro 15" from 2010 with Mac OS X 10.7.4..

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Novel Adventurer

I disconnected the Skype app in my Facebook.  That worked fine until Skype did an upgrade and low and behold my facebook contacts appeared again even though I went into facebook and deleted the skype app.  I also went to skype home and then to the little gearbox option and turned off facebook.  I still have facebook contacts.  The best I could do was go into contacts, go to contact lists and click on Skype.  The facebook contacts disappear.  I am sure they are still there but at least they don't show on my list.

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