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Recent Problems with Skype

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nanabanana_3 wrote:

IT WORKED!!! If you were here I would give you a big hug, thank you so very much. I hope you can get your problem solved soon.


Sorry, but can you also tell what was working?

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I tried finding our post but couldn't find yours from yesterday. I was having problems connecting. The connection icon just kept going around and around. I had downloaded the upgraded of skype, very bad idea. You suggested I do something with my firewall and antivirus. Then you sent me a message with a link to try for Skype and I did and it worked!! I thank you so much. Maybe others should uninstall the ugrade and go back the the old one. The only problem I was having is I COULD NOT CONNECT, PEROID. Everything is back to normal. I don't need the upgrade and after having this trouble I won't ever upgrade it. This is the reply I go from you. Please see if you can help others with this.

Try to disable Norton and see if this helps. See also this:


If this doesn’t help, then uninstall your current Skype version and try to install the older 5.9 version using this installer:

My Skype is working beacuse of the link above, but understand, mine wouldn not even connect. After clicking this link everything was back to normal, ever thing work. Thank you ruwim (Super User). This download could be the answer. I hope others use it and it works. Take care!

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I have got exactly the same problem, was working fine last time iv used it. Today, 2 hours ago I logged into my Skype and had notification for an update, iv run the update.... and guess what ?? I cant connect now, can't video call, sending messages keeps loading ...... ARGHHHHH very annoyed right now. Hope they get this solved quickly, as my mum and sister live in the Netherlands, and im in England, so it's very important to me for Skype to be working properly!!!! Thanks

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PROBLEMSSS so annoying, need to make calls kinda urgently and skype tries to connect me then immediately stops and says: problem with playback device.  WHAT is that?? I didn't like new version. It stopped working so uninstalled and installed again and it installed the previous version which I much prefer but...stopped again!!




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playback device = sound card, check sound properties in control panel and make sure everything is working properly there and properly configured.

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