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Problem with video calling

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Dear Skype community,

Last few days I have a weird problem with my Skype. I want to use the option video calling but my video is all messed up. I have included a screenshot so you can see what my problem is. In the screenshot its my webcam that messes up, but when I call a friend its their video that looks like that. I have no idea how to solve this probem and hope you can help. I have reinstalled skype already and installed the latest version but the problem stays. I also have tested my webcam with different chatting programs like Facebook video chat but there is no problem there. 

I hope my problem will be fixed because I really love using Skype!

P.S. Excuse me for some grammar mistakes. English is not my native languege

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‎28-08-2015 11:00
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‎10-02-2016 09:49
I hope the following instructions might help you with this problem Open Skype and enter username and password to sign in, if there is any problem with your Skype setup follow the steps:
1. Click the contact and select that you want
2. Click the call quality information button on call quality information widow, make sure to select the webcam tab, red or yellow icon indicates that further confirmation is needed to achieve the best call quality.
3. You can click on cheek call quality guide button to get more information.
4. If you have more than one webcam connected select one that you want to use drop down list and chose the call quality information window.
5. Finally, right click on the Skype task bar and click on quite Skype, click on quite to confirm and if you using old version of direct x setup, you need to setup new one from your computer.

I hope the instruction will help you to solve the problem

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‎28-08-2015 11:00
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Hi,i just wanna know the solution how to make my skype account to original version because it affect the new version of skype on how to make a video calling.My video did not appear everytime im making a video call  as well as the one im calling there`s also no video appearance.please help me to fix my problem.thank you very much.

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skype video call for
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Hi. I have never had any problems with video at all except recently with one contact. 


In the past, when I called them, the video worked but the audio was poor (it started fine but after a few minutes there was extreme distortion). Now the audio is perfect but we just can't see eachother- when I try to turn on my video, it comes on for a split second and then goes off again. Same thing at their end.


This doesn't happen with any of my other contacts (always perfect video quality) so I'm a bit puzzled! I know this person runs off a wireless router which is under constantly heavy usage from several other users - does Skype perhaps prioritise audio (by blocking video) if the connection is weak?


Any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance,





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Newest Skype app NO video chat, I have iPod most current 6.1 iOS. And also have iPad iOS 6.1.
The video on both blocks / within one second. Call goes thru the other party has checked his works fine with others.
I have checked EVERY thing in both devices settings. All is on.
What do I need to do to unblock the video
I also turn on my VPN to try to stop the block!!????
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Same problem with the video.
(Also the textbox doesn' t fit on my ipad4.)
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Dear Readers,


Please forgive my interruption of the conversation here ...


I could not help but to notice the most recent two posts have switched gears and refer to iOS operating system!  Please, please avoid doing this ... the iOS and Windows versions of Skype act and feel very different!  Let us keep this thread devoted to discussing the issue on the Windows platform, seeing as this is the Windows message board.


Thanks for understanding!


Best regards,


Community Moderator

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I have a problem with my with Skype app.; I have tried one month to connect with my girlfriend via Video Chat, but she has stated that my status on Skype on her end reads that I am disconnected.  Of course Skype and Facebook are in some way connected, also when I try to video call her the call is dropped automatically due to no connection.   Please advise at your early convenience regarding this issue.   Thank you for your time,  StormCastGarcia

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There is a heap of discussion about video problems - you appear to know a lot about this subject. I suspect a lot of these people may be like me, still using an older version of skype (Windows PC), like many of my contacts - and everything works flawlessly and has done so for years, including video. The reason we all still use this older version is that it is so much simpler and easier to use than recent versions which have become extremely cumbersome and screen hungry.

It has always been as simple as pressing the 'Start my Video' bar which appears at the bottom of the app.  Recently when connecting to newer contacts, and some old contacts who have bought new devices etc  - the  'Start my Video' bar no longer appears, and video no longer works in either direction and I can't find anywhere to turn it on.  I am on a netbook and my webcam is working fine.  I suspect these contacts would be using later (and latest) versions of Skype, because Skype has probably upgraded without them realising, as tends to happen these days. I have done some testing between 2 PCs myself (one old Skype version (3.8) and one new version) and confirmed that all the chat, etc and everything works fine, BUT NOT VIDEO. My question is (do you know?) have the latest version(s) of Skype purposely stopped supporting video with the older versions? I have searched and searched all the online help but can't find any specific confirmation of this fact.  Would much appreciate your help.


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