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I want to permanently remove my Skype account. Please do the needful urgently.


Thanks & Regards

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Sahaj.3 wrote:

I want to permanently remove my Skype account. Please do the needful urgently.


Thanks & Regards

To delete your account, please follow the instructions on this link:


If you want to remove your Skype Name from the Skype directory, you need to contact Skype Customer Service. It may take up to two weeks to remove your name from the directory.


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How do I do this?
I have tried to folow the threds and lionks i several FAQ with no succes.

I hapens to have 2 skypeacounts and I only want to have one.

How do I manage to erace this one?

Best way to contackt me is by mail.


Hi, Delete_acount, and welcome to the Community,


Please help us to help you: at exactly which step in contacting Skype Customer Service to file your request to remove an account is the process failing?  What error messages are you seeing?  


Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

Here are a few extra notes to guide you along the way ...
You will need to proceed through each step, one at a time. Sign on to the Skype website as requested. Choose the subject and topic which most closely matches the item you need assistance with. Then, continue past Step 2 of the instruction where several articles from the FAQ library will appear for you to review, and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request (the blue "button" appears at the lower right corner of the website page). You may also skip through Step 4 where you will be referred back here to the Community; no need to do this as the Community is where you started. When you complete the web-form and click Submit, your information is relayed to Skype and you will receive a reply via e-mail unless you are transferred to start an instant message chat session with a Customer Service agent.

If you experience difficulty reaching Skype Customer Service, try again using a different web browser. Also, look to approve a pop-up dialogue box which would connect you to start an instant message chat with a customer service agent. If you have pop-ups blocked in your browser settings, this will also impede reaching an agent.


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No one in Community can make any changes to your account.  You will need to follow the guidance in the links and information provided above to abandon your account with bogus info or request the account be removed from the Skype directory by Customer Service.

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