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Not Sending/Recieving Friends Requests *URGENT*

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This has been going on for quite some time now and it leaves me unable to talk to someone real important.  I've tried sending a friends request to my friend, and he tells me that "He doesn't seem to see them".  so I say, "well, send me a friends request."  He tells me he does, and I never received it. 


1.) So.  I delete the little contact with the (?), then resend.  He tells me he still didn't get the request.  So, I do the same method, then restart skype and repeat.  It happens again, No request sent.  And so I try over, and over again and seems that We've both only wasted our time sending 15 friends requests that were "*Never Received*".


2.) So there was something that I haven't tried, and so I go to my other PC, redo the steps of process, only to have "The same thing happen". 


3.) Next thing I try is google, and I figured "Hey, Theres got to be other people having this problem", so, I get to reading.


Both users must be online.  Well, we were both online, and the funny thing is, nothing is coming through. 


When that little bit of help didnt work, i then read up on another related thread, where someone suggested downloading  My current version was 5.5.  So I updated, and then retried with this again.  Dissappointingly, it didnt work.


**In addition, I sent a friends request to another user, that claimed he never got it either.  But I received his friends request.


I search for any other possible answers I can find, and quite frankly, I don't find any others but just these poor people that are not getting working answers to their problem.  The answer that I'm searching for.


Am i missing something here?  Is there something that I havent tried?  This is really wearing me thin and I would sure like to talk to my friend.  I'd surely like to have a definite, solid answer as to why I'm getting this problem as of 2 days ago, and im sure I speak for everybody else that is still having this problem.





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I'm having the same problem.  It hasn't happened for any of my other contacts, but today a friend and I have tried to request one another as contacts on Skype.  Neither of us receive the request, and so we cannot connect on Skype.


I have a feeling that no one who works for Skype reads these posts or responds, but if any of them do, I would greatly appreciate the assistance, as would the original poster.


Skype employees, please help us.


Thank you.

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I'm in the same boat here. My contact requests seem to disappear into the void, and I'm unable to receive the contact request sent by my friend.


Is there a specific time of day when Skype sends/receives all the accumulated contact requests?

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Hi, I've got the same problem!

We will be very grateful if you can help us to solve it.

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Same im cant seem to find it


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I have 2 new friends who have purchased Skype accounts and we have been trying unsuccessfully to add one another into our contacts.  We have sent the contact request message to each other but no one receives them.  We have adjusted our privacy settings to include everyone, but nothing seems to work.  Has anyone else with this problem received an answer yet?

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im haveing the same problemi want to talk to my best friend
please skype help
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I have been having the same problem as well. My friend was able to see that they sent out the friend request to me but I wasn't getting squat. So we got online at the same time (while being on the phone too) and they sent out a video call to me then I accpeted it. Once I saw their usename I added from there during the video call and it worked. So has anyone tried that? As long as you guys can find each others name then maybe this will work

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Interesting ... the usual way to resolve these glitches and issues is to ensure everyone is using the most recent (and therefore same) version of the Skype Client software:


Please continue to report these issues including the details such as error messages, icons, and so on.


Kind regards,


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hi guys,



tell when i m sending friend request to any one from skype , why it is going to other person ...plz let me know and add me on skype:sushant.goralkar , i m very disturb from that anyone is good heart can help me to bring out from this ..plz





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