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Messaging Unavailable

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Novel Adventurer

Hi Community,

I'm relatively new to Skype. Since I downloaded it, I've not been able to send any messages. It says 'messaging unavailable'. I've unistalled, reinstalled and updated, I still don't know what's wrong. Please am I doing something wrong? Or is it something else that's causing the problem? Thank you.

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Community Ambassador

What is the version of Skype program? In Skype go to Help -> About Skype.


What version of Windows are you on (XP, Vista, Windows 7)?

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Novel Adventurer

I use Skype version and Windows XP. 

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Community Ambassador

What exactly were you doing when you have received this message that “messaging unavailable”?


This is just a guess, but if you were seeing this message like shown here, then the explanation is that sending instant messages to Skype Echo Sound Test Service is not possible. This service is only for testing your audio equipment.


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Novel Adventurer

Yes, I see this message. But when I type and send, it just blinks and doesnt send anything. Also, the other person sees the sign that I'm typing but can't see what I typed. So, it looks like I'm typing and erasing.

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Community Ambassador

Do you have this issue with only one contact or with all your contacts?


Do you have all Windows Updates for your Windows XP system? Is Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed?


What is the version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?


In Internet Explorer go to Help -> About Internet Explorer.


P.S. Please, don’t say that you are not using Internet Explorer. This is irrelevant. Skype depends on Internet Explorer.

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks so much.

I'm not sure if Service Pack 3 (SP3) is installed on my system. How do I find out?

Internet Explorer Version 6.0.2900.5512.xpsp.080413-2111 is iunstalled on my system.

Yes, I have this issue with all of my contacts.

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Community Ambassador

First try to install SP3 for Windows XP:


Next, it’s necessary to update your Internet Explorer to the latest IE8 version.


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Novel Adventurer

I'm on XP

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Novel Tourist

Hi, I have the same issue. When i log in i see my contact online, but in the IM block it says "Messaging Unavailable"  I am using Win 7, my Skype version is 6.16, and i have IE installed on the computer but i don't use it.   Anyway Skype doesn't need browser to open!!

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