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Lost the small window when skype is minimized

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There used to be the small box with either the video or audio showing the call you are in. i accidentally closed it, and now cannot bring it back up.


help pls! As this really help tidy up my desktop space.

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Once you've closed that pop-up window during a call the only way to re-open it is to restart the call.


To make sure that function is enabled, click on Tools > Options > Calls and make sure "Show call controls when Skype is in the background" is checked.

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I sure would appreciate it if Skype added the ability to restart the mini-window. I have closed it either accidentally or intentionally, then wanted it back when I wasn't feasible to restart the call just for that.
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I cant find that option
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mayur22sharma wrote:
I cant find that option

In Skype go to Tools -> Options -> Calls -> Show advanced options. Select the option: "Show call controls when Skype is in the background".

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"Tools" is not an option
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reinstall Skype client and try again

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For me the problem was the opposite.


I had to uncheck the option that says "show call controls when skype is in the backgrounds".

as long as it was checked I did not have the option to re-open the mini video screen.

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Thank you so much! I tried this and it worked as well

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Thank you so much


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