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Looking for VTech USB7100 Cordless Phone Suite Driver for Win 7

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I need a copy of Vtech Cordless Phone Suite v2.35 in order to get a USB7100 Vtech Skype phone running. Does anyone have this software handy or a link to download it?

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Here you go:

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I have found that ver 2.35 messes up something in in the XP and Win7 operating system, causing some programs not to run or run very slow and do weird things. Do not install.

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I have used these drivers with Windows 7 32bit and Widows 7 64bit and they cause no problems. The only issue is with the Playback sound devices as this adds a new sound device and you may have to go in and re-enable your existing sound device as it might disable it. Be sure to use skype360248.exe (version of Skype) with these drivers as newer versions of Skype do not work. Also, please DO NOT plug in your USB7100 into your computer until you have installed the drivers and rebooted the PC.

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i m using new version of vtech software its showing skype is not running.... but its problem is i cant able 2 receive or make call from skype phone
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I am having some issues as well with the new skype. Everything is showing connected though. But the vtech phone shows up "USB missing".
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Hi guys, I don't have the original install discs. The manual says I should have installed vtech_broad_band_7100.exe ( from the CD ) can't find this file online. Could one of you ( or anyone else ) send me this file?
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So if I'm using a more recent version of Skype, I'm out if luck for using the VTech 7100 phone that I purchased? VTech has no plans to continue to support this phone with new drivers? Great. No more VTech products for this house!
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If you can't get your Vtech USB7100 to work with the new Skype, keep trying. I just downloaded and installed the very latest Skype and the Vtech software could no longer find Skype. So I updated my Vtech cordless phone suite to the version 2.35 linked earlier in this thread, and my Vtech USB7100 phone works great again. Thanks for that link!


By the way I'm running Windows XP. Oh, and I disabled Skype automatic updates because I just don't trust Microsoft to not break it again. The only reason I updated now was because my older Skype version was made obsolete and I could no longer log in.


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Well this was great information to find.
I'm running vtexh 7100usb phones connected via a server2003 setup with skype v4.0.0.226.  This setup stopped working apparently because MS removed the support code for the old version.  I was running the old version as that was the last one that I found that the Vtech devices worked with.


Found your post and updated the usb7100 software again (more on that later) and updated skype to newest version and it works fine.


Interestingly I already had the v2.35 vtech software and tried the upgrade  in June of 2009 and it didn't work so I went back to skype and the old version of the Vtech software.  I guess in the interim MS changed skype again and now it works.
Guess I can scarp the 2003 server now as the only real purpose it was serving was to keep the home phone system working and I'm guessing the Vtech devices and Skype will now run on the replacement server 2008.


Thanks Peter


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