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Incoming video calls show as busy

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Need help!  Whenever I use the latest version of Skype with Windows 8 in desktop mode, people who attempt a video call to me will get a message saying I'm busy.  But if they choose voice call, then the call goes through without issue.  At that point, we just have to manually turn on our video cameras to make it a video call.  


OR, if I choose to video call someone (outgoing), then there is no issue.


However, using Windows 8.1 (Metro) version of Skype, there is no issue with incoming video calls.  


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling skype.  I don't have anyone call-blocked in the settings.  Any ideas?

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I am experiencing the same problem calling a windows 8 machine from a windows 7..

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I am having the same problem as LH_NGO . Other than everyone having to call me via video and then click on the camera doe anyone have a perminant fix to this problem


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Add me to this problem.  

I don't want to use the Metro version of Skype, because I thing it's a horrible featureless app, probably because it's developed to be used on tablets...

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Same here with windows 8.1 and skype


And I also do not want to use the metro version as it is featureless as described earlier.

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I have this problem too, but noone seem to answer. Noone knows?

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Installing Skype using Windows Store will resolve the issue.
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Same issue, how soon before a patch comes out! Skype is unusable for us now.

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Did not resolve the issue

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Wow, so it's been 6 months and no one from this company has patched or solved this issue?  This has just started happening to me with this latest update.  Everyone who calls me gets hung up on and told I'm busy even when I'm not.  It's seriously pissing me off, since I'm using this for work meetings and such.  It's ridiculous.  FIX IT.

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