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I have lost all my skype contacts

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My skype contacts are disappeared, please can you restore them? I don't have backup.

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I've sent an e-mail to the support already...

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Oh, and thank you

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why i am not getting skype connection??  Urgently please advise...thanks n regards..

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rajambaby wrote:

why i am not getting skype connection??  Urgently please advise...thanks n regards..


Hi!  It appears your concern is completely different from that of the thead starter.  Unfortunately, thread hijacking is not allowed in this site as such practice may bring confusion in the community forum. 


please visit the link below on instructions on how to create a new thread.  most likely your concern can be easily seen and get accurate responses when placed in the correct section. thanks!



Help Us Help You (How to Start a New Thread)


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Why can't I see my contact list
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Same here. 


Updated yesterday from recent version.


"Skype just works"  -- Bwaaaaaaahahahahaha.


What a joke.

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lost all of my contacts, where did they go? they are there , but are playing games. i have a $39 skype credit
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i have lost all my contacts .i m trying to get in with my password and a message keep saying that is already open


this is impossible because only in my work i open it .can you restore it pls i cant work like this

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