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I do not want full screen

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Attention crazy people:


The app you really want is called "Skype for Windows Desktop" and you can get it just like normal from -- It works just like you were always used to.


The app you are using is called "Skype for Modern Windows" - it is made for tablets and is built-in to Windows 8. Just uninstall it... but you can imagine that it works well for touchscreens, so of course it's going to be full-screen... how can you blame the devs for this? 


If anything, I would blame the staff who replied to your answer and didn't explain why this app is fullscreen and that there is a normal desktop version like everyone wants. It's just a separate download  



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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!



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hmm i have this same prob so thanks but just one thing you could of suggested a way round this problem if you know one ? or you could have said you had know idea how to get round it 

this is meant for the person who replied first a staff mod

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This full-screen thing is so annoying - the Surface 3 is supposed to be a laptop, and does anyone want to have their whole screen [or half of it] taken over by Skype or anything else? ... luckily there's an easy solution - go install Skype for Desktop.

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I'm not very fond of the force to full screen mode in Skype on Window 8.1 but there is a way to exit it and obtains access to the underlying windows screen. Of course, this is not progress but it does give one the ability to recovery functionality. Go to the upper left edge of the screen (on my system where icons are at the bottom), and a small verion of the underlying windows 8 screen appears. Click on it and the full windows screen appears. How would I have known this? Well, there was a note about mac underlying screen seen if the upper right edge were touched by the mouse. It say a blue icon would appear to be hit to get the underlying screen.  I tried all corners until the thumbnail of my windows screen was found in the upper left.


Weird that the new skype would trash an already working small window design for the option to confuse every user.



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I've just spent several hours trying to get rid of Skype in full screen and then found this thread. The first posting to this thread was in 2012 and lots of people have added to it since. It seems that there is little point in adding any more because no-one who can make the changes is listening.


I run a small business and share my screen with my customers when we are discussing their options. They complain that when they click the Skype link they can no longer see my screen. This causes frustration and in trying to hide Skype they often disconnect the call. As a result I've given up using Skype for business calls - starting off a discussion by frustrating customers is never a good idea!

Alan Moran
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Forced full screen in translator is stupid. That is all.

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Using win8 makes me want to set myself on fire. Words can't describe the raging hatred I have towards the utterly and completely useless manure named win8. 100% of every person I know hates win8 and one guy I know smashed his bran new laptop with win8. Win8 is so bad that I actually consider considering to Apple!

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Dear Readers,


We Windows 8 users should have received an e-mail announcing the upcoming retirement of the "Modern" version of Skype.  If not, please see here:


An excerpt of this blog article is below.







A More Efficient Skype Experience for Your PC

At Skype we want to help you do more together with the people you care about by delivering the best possible experiences to the devices you use. That’s why we’re simplifying your PC experience down to one app that you can use either with your mouse and keyboard or with touch.  Starting on July 7, we’re updating PC users of the Windows modern application to the Windows desktop application, and retiring the modern application.

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Unfortunately... But what Microsoft think? if I am in office at work, should I really see the full screen when chatting?


Incredible... (((

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