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How to turn auto mute off

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when I get I incoming call of when I call someone myself with Skype, Skype automatically lowers my audio I'm listening to. Is it possible to turn this option off, cause when the conversation is over skype turns my audio on and then I hear my music much louder than during the conversation, cause I had to adjust the sound level.






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Assuming Vista or Windows 7, click on Start > Control Panel > Sound > Communications.


Delect "Do nothing", click Apply and OK.

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I'm having the same issue with Skype.


I'll be listening to music or watching a video, but as soon as I accept a call that audio is auto adjusted to a lower level. I would honestly very much like it if it didn't have to do that.

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If you are on Windows 7 or 8/8.1 computer then open Windows Sound Control Panel -> Communications tab. Select the "Do Nothing" option.

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That's not a feature of Skype but it is a feature of Windows or possibly an audio enhancement setting as well in your sound drivers.  Did your set your computer to  "Do nothing" as the previous poster suggested in this thread some time ago (or as ruwim just suggested as well)?






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