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How do I save video messages

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I got a couple video messages from a friend. I signed up for a premium account so I could save them, but have been given no instructions or link to save or download them.

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I purchased Premium for the EXACT same reason, since one ad for Premuim advertized that. I've logged out of Skype, logged in again thinking I needed an account refresh. I can't save on my Windows PC nor in the iPhone app.


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I want to do the same thing- but am thinking that you can only save videos recieved once you have already upgraded?- or is that a stupid comment



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Not a silly question at all, I suspected the same but realized I still cannot save my new messages since upgrading.
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This is somewhat of a pain, but here's what I did (why should anything be easy, eh?):

1. Install Fiddler web debugger.

2. Access the video message you want.

3. Stop Fiddler tracing (i.e., you want to stop capturing traffic).

4. Inspect your Fiddler trace. You should see something like the following:<somevalue>&profile=flvs-normal


5. Copy that url.  The assetId contains a string with a Guid value as well as some other junk in it.  If you notice, profile=flvs-normal indicates that the asset is a flash embedded video.

6. Paste the url into your browser and save the file.  Rename the file to have a flv extension.

7. Download a flv player.  Load the saved file in the player, and voila, it plays!


Yeah - saving locally to a file would be nice.  All this just to save a video message is a royal pain.

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Novel Adventurer
Fortunately I'm a computer engineer and can actually understand and use your answer. Lol. Harsh.
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My Fiddler trace only gives me a couple of<value> and a few more short links the likes of<value> but nothing like the one you showed.

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Casual Adventurer

Can you post the links from Fiddler.  You may need to press play on the video message to get that value.

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Hey - I've done some experimenting with fiddler, and it looks like when you access a Video Message with fiddler on (on a PC at least, running Win7), it just simply creates an HTTP tunnel to stream the video to a player within your browser. No direct link to any video file...
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I discovered that by default Skype uses HTTPS for the video message URL, which does not show the necessary information in Fiddler. If you change the URL on the video message to use HTTP (without the S), then the video will still play and Fiddler will show the required information.


Instead of using this method, you should also be able to use any Flash video downloader to save the file from the webpage. I used the FVD Video Downloader extension for Chrome successfully.


I'm having a next problem that the downloaded videos cutoff after a few seconds. It seems the video files download completely, but do not play well. Any ideas or is anyone seeing the same behavior? Which FLV player are you using?


Addition: I was able to work around the FLV player issue by converting the FLV file to MP4 using Any Video Converter and playing the MP4 file successfully.

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