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How can I refresh Skype?

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Novel Tourist

I have been using Skype for iPhone for about three months now and it was deleted off my laptop. Now I re-downloaded it and signed in. Even though all the contacts have changed statuses and pictures many times, it is showing their statuses and pictures from October. I don't know how to refresh it. Please help?

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Novel Tourist

I cannot find a way to refresh, either. Wondering why more answers for this question are not out here.


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Super Adventurer

not really sure, but there seems to be a way.  Select or make the Skype Home window as active windows, then press F5.  


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Novel Tourist

I'm not sure, I know how to refresh it on pc but on the iphone there's no button or link. hmm... :/

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Casual Adventurer

Have you tried signing out and signing in again?  I have noticed that after I use Skype on my desktop computer to change a contact's display name, I will then sign in on Skype on my fifth generation iPod Touch and it then shows the display name I typed for that person and an updated status message.

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