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Green Screen on Windows 8

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Casual Tourist

Others that skype me dont see me, just a translusent green screen that doesnt go away.I have a compaq CQ58 notebook pc and windows 8. I see other person just fine

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Novel Tourist
I am having the exact same problem. With the same computer and getting a green screen. However other apps do not have the same problem. Please let meknow if you figure out how to fix it. Thanks.
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I also have the same problem with the same laptop.

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I Have the same computer and the same problem when i skype my girlfriend I can see her perfectly but all she sees is a completely Green screen and the little screen in the corner of my computer where it shows me myself its green as well please fix this asap thanks 

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Same trouble on same computer here too.


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I feel all of your pain and offer a solution:


I purchased the same computer for my g/f's younger daughter as an early Christmas present. Wal-Mart special for $179. Racked my brain for several hours dealing w/HP Customer Support before my g/f's older daughter found the above link on another forum. Works fine on the new computer so far. Hope this helps all of you.

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Big is now up and running on my Compaq CQ58 WallyWorld special


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Big THANKS TO YOU [odie1kenobi75]!...."Skype in Desktop" is now up and running on my WalMart $179 Compaq CQ58.

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yes, it works when in explorer, but when you try the app on the HP (wasn't able to get the $179 laptop as they were sold out but got the $279 HP 69BF Notebook 2000). When I open in internet explorer my video is no longer green. But when I use the app, my video is still green. Installed the newest version twice now. Did this fix your app version too?

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Manker, use "desktop" in start, double click Skype shortcut to run Skype 6.0, don't run App.

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