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Delete Instant Messages

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Novel Tourist

I would please like to ask, How can I delete a conversation in Skype without deleting my contact?

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Novel Adventurer

Can anyone tell me please how to delete earlier instant messages on skype. I am using Windows XP

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Novel Tourist

In tools-options-IM setting in left column-clear history

that would be best reply, I can find to delete instant messages

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Novel Tourist

1) Highlight the text with your mouse

2) Right click

3) Select 'Remove Message'


A dialogue box will pop up asking for verfication of message deletion to which you simply click 'Remove' and it's done. You can also edit your message in this way.


NOTE to the oblivious: You can only remove/edit your own IM's, not the other person's. ;P

Novel Tourist

does this also remove the message from the other chat participants?

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Casual Tourist

I have tried this but when I right click there is no option to remove message

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