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Creator but no rights?

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Out, the admins should have a log that allows them to see deleted messages, also my group has a lot of spam and innaproperiate talking ( my group has a rule book) and it cant be moderated without a remove message right.
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What a terrible explanation by the community outreach person.  Let me tell you why that explanation is BS:


1:  There are more people complaining that the feature has been removed than there were people complaining that their messages were edited.  Based on your logic this means the feature needs to be brought back.


2:  People who want to troll by removing messages WILL JUST USE AN OLDER VERSION OF SKYPE!  If you can't remove the feature from older versions retroactively you should not have removed it from the latest version, especially with no note of this major change.


3:  Skype already tells you who edited a message.  You can copy and paste an edited message into notepad and it will say "Edited by:" or "Removed by:".  That is all the information that needs to be there.  Instead of removing the feature they should have just put that information next to the message in Skype.


4:  There are absolutely no replacement moderation tools.  If the Skype developers cared about the community, they would have thought about the impact on the moderation of group chats before completely deleting the feature from the client.


We will be using Skype 6.2 until this is resolved.  We are also evalulating switching to an alternative service since this was such a critical feature for us.

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This is insane. Now I have people posting all sort of stuff in my groups spamming left right and center and I cant remove their spam posts and links. What bright spark thought this one up???

If they thought they were getting complaints before lets see how they deal with the millions they will get now from everyone trying to run orderly groups.



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So... I've got 72 people in a chat room who think I still have the ability to remove their messages...


I fear the hour they discover I do not.

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I got like 120 people, and each day now, more spam is comming, i'm DOWNGRADING skype until this is broyght back in a newer update!
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I agree with everyone here.


BS explanation, I'm downgrading my Skype client. Seems to me Skype is starting to become of those big, arrogant companies who abuses their users (like Facebook).


Screw 6.3, I'm downgrading. Skype, cut the crap and bring it back- maybe you could make the moderation more organized, but you don't have to be retardedly chaotic about it.

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How do we downgrade to the old skype?

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Community Ambassador

You can make use of this msi-installer in order to install the previous version:


After installing this version, make sure to disable the Automatic updates:


Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Automatic updates ->Turn off automatic updates

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ruwim, many thanks for your help and advice ! let them eat their soup
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Isn't this just something that the users need to say to the group owners? Is it your task to play cop?

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