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Creating New Account

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I'm trying to create a new Skype account. It gives me an error message saying the account couldnt be created and I should create it through the Skype program. The only problem is, thats how I started the entire process in the first place. Any suggestions?

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we cannot sign in
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mckennzner wrote:
we cannot sign in

What exactly happens when you are trying sign in to Skype? Any error message?

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My sister is trying to create an account and when she fills out the form and hits submit, it wipes the data from the form and refreshes the page as if we didn't do anything.  She has tried creating an account from scratch and through facebook and neither work.  Any ideas as to what the problem is or how to fix it?

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Was there ever a fix for this?  I have tried multiple times to create a new account for my mother-in-law and the same thing happens.  Are we allowed just one account per computer?

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how do I put in the country code-where does it go with phone bumber??
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keep tryn my dear
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me want to make a new account but it not complete succesfull

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I want to have a new skype.

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I'm getting the same problem ):

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