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Chat messages won't send

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Same problem here.  I do have the latest version of skype.  I don't know if all of my contacts do as well, but most of them do too.  It is not a temporary issue.  One week agao, my messages stopped being sent, only to my skype contacts.  Chatting to my Facebook friends yields no issues whatsoever.  I have tried Skype's "Complete Uninstall," available on the web page, but still have the same issue.  Tried switching myself to  offline, as well.  I have tried quitting and restarting Skype, as well as my computer itself.  Nothing has worked.


I am running the latest version of Skype (just downloaded again today) on my Windows XP Dell Latitude D530.  I have had Skype for over a month with no issues until last week.  I enjoy using Skype, and would like to do continue doing so.  I hope that the techs and programmers can learn how to fix problems soon.  Thanks!

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What a stupid program, it feels I'm wasting my money. I have a similar problem but in the opposite way: I recently installed this thing on Windows 7 64-bits and never ever update the chat history, I can't receive massages. On my android tablet works fine though.
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Found a way to fix it in my case.
My skype stopped sending messages for 3 weeks, it turned out that I had a message that had failed sending before, and skype wouldn't send any more recent messages until that one had sent.
Go into tools>options>privacy and clear your history. That sorted it for me and for a few of my mates that had the same problem.

Good luck.
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Hey Skype employees. FIX YOUR PROGRAM!!! I am still waiting to send a message from 3 weeks ago!!!

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I am having the same problem. Tried to download a voice mail message left for me and got the downloading circle thing for 3 hours. Finally had to shut down my computer. Now when I tried to get the message again it says

"the file can not be opened as the transfer has been cancelled"


So if you ever cancel a transfer, no matter how long the transfer takes, or even accidentally, you will never get the message.

Thanks Skype. Thanks for nothing.

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Same essential problem here.  It seems to affect a groupchat I belong to the worst, maybe because people have different versions of Skype in use, but it will be going along fine and then for no apparent reason everything stops.  And I will routinely be unable to successfully post again for hours and hours, even after clearing all history (set to 'no history' anyway), deleting all cookies, quitting and re-starting, and all that jazz.  Like everyone else, my internet connection is fine in the meantime (and I even clear my browsing history several times a session to keep it from cluttering things up).  I enjoy Skype, but this is getting to be a really frequent problem and is very frustrating.  Please help.

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Try this.


1. Stop any and all running Skype Client programs on your system.

2. Using your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs uninstall Skype, when prompted to save your history, choose yes.

3. Using Run ("What you use to view files with") do:
If you find a file called shared.xml right click on it and choose delete.

4. If you see a folder for the Skype name with the problem, click on it. If you see a file called Config.xml right click on it and choose delete.

5. Using Run search:
Right click on the Skype folder and choose delete.

6. Re-install the latest version of Skype:
Skype Client


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I have been having the issue of my messages NOT going thru to one person on my contact list (located in a different country).  The person shows online. I see their mood, their avatar, etc.  So, I do not believe they have blocked me; however, in the past 3 days, no messages will go thru to this contact. I just get the little grey swirly circle.


So, I have decided to try your solution.  Guess what, I was not prompted to save my history, so I lost everything.


I am now re-installing skype.  I have zero hope this will fix my problem, but I wanted to let you know that your solution is not accurate.


ETA.  Just reinstalled. Nope, problem still there....

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i did not work
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