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Changing theme color of Skype

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Hey all,


Just a suggestion.  I know that it's not available in the current version of Skype, but I would LOVE to be able to change the color of skype to match my desktop theme.  Perhaps incorporating the possibility to change colors schemes and themes would be a welcome addition to the next edition of Skype.  My desktop and windows theme is Gray/Black and as much as I like the legendary "Skype Blue", I really wish I could get skype visually integrate into my current windows theme.  Maybe a feature similar to Gmail's "themes".



Just my 2 cents.


Greetings from Madrid,

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I would like to see them allow themeing for as is, the current theme makes it hard for me to read. Matching or having the ability to match my theme for my Windows or allow the ability to change the colors to me would be great.
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I'm not an expert at Marketing but I think I understand why Skype has fixed colors.  Also from an international point of view, colors and icons are understood better than words. I continue to be thankful that Skype is as free as it is.  Now, I've been annoyed that the IM/SMS Pane is so white and bright so my suggestion is for the boffins to create a 'dimmer' function.

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Just contrast would be great. Dial pad is very difficult to read (letters, not numbers).
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Yes.The contrast changing will be very useful, like in a new version of Photoshop - CS6 for exmpl..

They must do something with that, cause ppl have different screens and for most default/fixed white background is to much white. And its harmful for eyes. Best/most readable contrast is about 30% dark background and 70% dark text. 

(how do u feel while reading green?)

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Giving us options to use a higher contrast combination or at least a less brilliant-white background all over would be awesome

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It would be great if skype had the option to change themes. I have a dark theme on my PC and it is really annoying that Skype is white and black at some points (like in the search box). Also it would be be better if someone could change it's theme in something that is friendly for his/her eyes!

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While I understand what you are saying that Skype is used internationally, it would only be a simple settings change. A theme setting. If companies using it do not wish to use a different color theme, all they have to do is stick with the basic colors. But for those like us who use Skype for more personal connections such as staying in contact with friends and or family, I would very much appreciate themes. Also, even if a company decided to choose colors, that doesn't mean the people they are connected to will see it, its only for their side of the screen.

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I'm not sure why you are asking    Win 7 is the best in what they ever did in skins and even that they are throwing away, try Windows 8. I had to delete all of that from my laptop, so hard I never ever want to see it again.


Look at how many cool and good skinners are out there, but billions of dollars are not worth hiring one person to make a few themes in their products.

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I didnt read it.

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