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Can't change Group Chat picture

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Novel Adventurer
Hi, I'm the Creator for a Skype Group Chat and I've set the option TOPIC_AND_PIC_LOCKED_FOR_USERS and it locks but I can no longer change the group picture. I can still change the topic by using the /topic command but when I try to hover over the group picture there is no "Change" button. I am the Creator, a Master in my chat is able to do it but I am not. As soon as I disable the option I can change the picture again. I'm using Windows 7. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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Routine Adventurer

Yeah, I also want to know how to change picture in the above situation.

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Novel Tourist
Same problem here!
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Novel Tourist

I can not change it either, but the person I made Master can change it...

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I have this same issue, it just shows the default picture.


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I have this same problem. I'm the Creator of a chat, I locked the topic and picture for users, and now I can't change the picture.

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