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Can't answer incoming calls

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I am running Skype on Windows 64 bit. This problem started very recently.

I cannot answer any incoming calls. I get the pop up alert offering Accept or Decline, when I click on either Skype ignores the click and keeps ringing until it switches to voice mail.

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Before trying to isolate an issue, it's always best that one is running the latest Skype release. Which may in itself resolve the issue.


A new version has just been released August 02, 2011:

Please click the "Get Skype" link at the top of this page and download the normal version of Skype, NOT the beta version to get this new version.


This new version is to check what version you have, using the main Skype client window please do:


Help -> About Skype


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I have updated Skype to the version - the problem still exists.

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Please follow these Steps:


1. Only do Step 1 if you are on WIN7:


Stop Skype.


Be sure that Compatibility Mode is not enabled (right-click on Skype shortcut icon/launcher and select Properties >> Compatibility) - for Windows 7 users only.


Try to launch Skype.


2. If Step 1 fails or you are NOT using WIN7 do:


Open an Internet Explorer browser, and go to, what happens?


If it fails, Please do the instructions below. Using your Windows Control Panel, please do:


Internet Options -> Advanced Tab Please click the "Reset" button.


Then, Go to the Connections Tab.


Make sure that the only checkbox checked is "Automatically detect settings", then click the "OK" button.


Close any open Internet Explorer browser windows, open a new IE browser window and try again. What happens? If it works, please stop/start Skype What happens?


3. If Step 2 does NOT solve the problem:


Please install the normal version using the instructions below:


You can install the Current release by doing this from the top of this page:


Get Skype -> Windows -> Choose the regular release, please do NOT remove what you already have installed, simply, install over.


These instructions have worked for many and is the quickest thing to try to resolve issues such as this.


Also, what operating system are you on?


What is the Make and Model of your computer?


Do you have all Windows updates and updates to any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

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Same issue. Windows 7 64bit running Skype version

Skype gets an incoming call, the buttons don't respond when I click them and the call keeps ringing until it either goes to voice or skype stops responding.


After this happens, if I close and restart skype, it takes forever to load and connect.  It will sit with "Skype Home Unavailable" for 5 minutes or more before it connects. DURING THIS TIME, all other internet connectivity is fine. FTP, SSH, HTTP, PING, Everything works. ONLY Skype is hung and doesn't respond.  All other programs are fine also.


I have taken all the step below and also uninstalled/reinstalled (with a full manual removal of all skype files and registry entries left after uninstall) with no change. I have been through this uninstall/reinstall step four times now so please don't ask me to do it again. I'm a trained IT professional of 17 years, so instead of giving me a list of "101" debugging steps, ask intelligent questions.


There are no network issues

There are no connectivity issues with any other application or protocol

The problem lies solely with this app.





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Community Ambassador

Have you checked your Firewall and Antivirus? Do you have any special Internet Security software installed?


You can always try to reset Skype settings by renaming Skype folder in C:\Users\your win user name\AppData\Roaming\


Exactly the same Skype version runs without any problems for, I guess, a couple of millions of users, so something must be special with your Windows system.

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Novel Adventurer
My problem persists as well, with exactly the same symptoms listed by Kendall. I have also manually removed all Registry references and reinstalled the latest version - no help.
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I've been having the same problem, though only sometimes, and can add a possible clue. I've been running a macro in Excel (2010) that runs for hours and takes up considerable CPU resources. My skype problem happens after I've run (and stopped) the excel macro. Shutting down the skype process and restarting fixes the skype problem until the next time I run the macro.

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This is a common problem with windows7 x64 and the latest release of skype, so there is no need for that kind of response. I pay skype £400 + a year for what at the moment is poor sevice and I am looking into a different option right now because of these problems. So probably better to address this issue with the correct attitude. I have online numbers and cannot answer the call about 50% of the time, my computer is not 'special' it has no connectivity isssues with ANY other software, JUST SKYPE .. just like the other users on this thread
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I just had the same issue today!

Running Windows 7, 64bit. For an unknown reason I cannot answer my incoming calls! And sometimes it will just answer Skype 'itself', without any answer.

Re-started Skype and it didn't work.

Went through Call > Audio Settings and my webcam microphone wasn't working either?

After that, I went to my profile, then click on 'Change picture', that did recognize my webcam and microphone and somehow it fixed the issue.

I agree this issue should be properly addressed. My company also spend $$$$ every year and better support from you guys from Skype would be appreciated, not just 'millions of users don't have the same issue'.

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