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Can log in with Skype account, cannot log in with Microsoft Account

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Casual Adventurer

Windows XP SP3

Skype Desktop Client


Problem: l can successfully log into Skype with an old (~1 year) Skype name, but if I try to switch over to sign in with a new (as of 2 hours ago) Microsoft Account, I get this error:


Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.



What I have done/tried:

  • Created a new MS Account with a gmail address
  • Verified the email address by clicking the link sent to that account
  • Successfully signed in to MS Account profile page with that email address
  • Tried to sign in to Skype desktop client with that account, got the error above
  • Switched to Skype login, successfully connected
  • Switched back to new MS account, login failed with error above
  • Verified the email address username was correct by copy/pasting after a successfully Live account profile login
  • Reset password following the instructions on the FAQ page
  • Successfully logged into Live account page with new password
  • New password fails with same error
  • Uninstalled client and downloaded the latest verision
  • Same thing: MS account login fails, Skype name works
  • Came here


Does anyone have any ideas?  I assume the system is up in general and I can reach it across the internet, or my old name would not work. Is this a problem of an account that's too new?


Why not just use my Skype name?  Well, I'll be interviewing some candidates for a position on my team later this afternoon, and don't want my normal username getting out to a lot of people.

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Accepted as a solution by jbfh3
‎28-08-2015 11:00

Are you using any VPN/proxy software or DNS filtering?


Try to reset all Internet Explorer settings to default:

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One extra piece of info: if I enter an incorrect password, I immediate get


That password is incorrect. Be sure you're using the password for your Microsoft account.


If I enter a bogus MS Account name, I get "account doesn't exist".


If I enter my correct MS Account detail, I get the blue Skype login screen with the spinning "wait" logo before being bumped back to the login page with the original message from my first post.

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Community Ambassador

What is the version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?


In Internet Explorer go to Help -> About Internet Explorer.


P.S. Please, don’t say that you are not using Internet Explorer. This is irrelevant. Skype depends on Internet Explorer.

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IE8:  8.0.6001.18702


More information: I saw this post, and noticed the suggested articles at the bottom.  I followed the instructions from here to do a "full" uninstall (basically, uninstall then nuke any registry entries), but I still get the same message from my first post after a fresh install.

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Accepted as a solution by jbfh3
‎28-08-2015 11:00

Are you using any VPN/proxy software or DNS filtering?


Try to reset all Internet Explorer settings to default:

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Casual Adventurer

That could be it.  I didn't mention it earlier as I assumed all traffic would follow the network settings in Skype, and my Skype logins worked fine.


I have my Skype client set to use an SSH tunnel (SOCKS proxy to localhost), but IE is configured with my normal corporate proxy settings.  Is the Skype client using the IE library to make a different connection out to verify the Live/MS Account credentials?

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Community Ambassador

Yes. Skype is using IE library.

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OK, thanks.  I'll have to stick with my Skype login for now.

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how can check my friend request if someone requested me?

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Hello everyone


completely new here --and I am sorry to say that my first experience with this skeype system (the coomunity forum) is very bad!! How on Earth one manage to  make a new topic?


Anyway...I have a serious problem (serious to me) -- I just discovered that my private account (going for several years) has vanished!! It is gone!! I even had about $10.00 dollars credit there and it is gone!!
 How on earth this happened?


And why Skype does not have a TRUE customer service in place?


Please help!!



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