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Can I save Video Messages?

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Hello there!


I was wondering if there was any way to save the video messages I get from friends/family onto my computer? I would like to look back on them or have an easier access to them if I need to remember somehing from them!

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Try this.


Download and Run SQLite Database Browser


Open the main.db file with it.




Click Browse Data >> Change the drop down option for the Table: to VideoMessages.


Under vod path, you will see the link. Copy / Paste this link to your browsers address bar.


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Tamin's suggestion worked well for me; I was thrilled to finally be able to save the videomessages. I do think there are a couple of things that need to be explained in more detail. These instructions work for those who have Skype version 6.6.0 and not older versions. First, play the video message you are interested in and pause it midway. Next, download the SQ Lite Database Browser from the link suggested by Tamin: Next, look for the main.db file in the Skype folder which can be found in your Users folder. Open it by using SQ Lite. Follow Tamin's instructions: Click BROWSE DATA, click the drop-down menu in the Table to select VIDEOMESSAGES. Then go over to the right and find the VOD PATH column. Select the link of the video message you are interested in. To help you figure out if you have the right video message, make sure it is one sent by the right person ( check the author column where you will see the sender's Skype User Name). You can also confirm that you have the right video message by looking at the column entitled Creation_timestamp ( The time stamp is in the UNIX format, so you can get it in the "normal" format by going to ANYWAY, once you have determined you have the right VOD PATH link, click on it so you can see it in its entirety. Copy and paste the link into your Internet browser ( Firefox works best). You can SAVE it and play it in Media Player. Hope this helps.
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I think you have explained it(tamim's solution) very well.. I was trying for this for two days, and I accidently stumped in to the information of "playing the video in the skype". Once I paused while playing the video, then every thing fit into space. Now I had saved all my videos into my computer.


There is a suggestion I would like to make. Using "torchbrowser" is much better for downloading videos from the page.



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Actually saving Video messages to a file works best with Firefox:


In fact, you can also do this using the standard Windows Media Player 12.

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You can save Skype video message very easily using Evaer as follows:
1, Enable the option “Enable stream acceleration mode” and “Do not use the Skype provide audio stream” at your Evaer menu “Tools>Options”>”Advanced”tab.

2, Please restart your Evaer and Skype for the acceleration mode to take effect.

3, Click the video message on your Skype and Evaer will change the “Start recording” button to enable status. click the “Start recording” button to save your Skype video message. By default, it will record your Skype video message into a MP4 movie file on your PC.


Get More information about save Skype video message at

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When trying download the link copied there is a message :


401 Unauthorized

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Before opening the main.db file in SQLite Database Browser, you need to play the video message in your Skype program. The links to video messages are not static and change every time the message is replayed.

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Excellent tip, Tamin/everyone.

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Suggestion above worked out so well!


Just to add, you will need to extract the file to open it.

also once you have opened it and cannot access your appdata or roaming just type on the browser


Lastly the link that is in the Vod can be opened by firefox, doesn't work on my other explorer

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