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Calls Constantly Drop Then Recall (Disconnects then Reconnects)

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I have tested the internet connection reliability today during our team meeting on skype by using some ping commands which constantly ping'ed:

- my router

- the cable modem

- the provider's www-server

- some server in the internet (outside the providers network)

to test the reliability of the internet connection.


So now I am sure that it is definitively NOT a connection-reliability problem as skype suggests when it disconnects. All pings were ok (largest ping was 39ms for a server in a distance of >1000km). 


As stated earlier in this thread, my collegues (4 peoples in the same call) did not have any problem during the call, while I have been disconnected two times. Everytime when this happens, I have to manually close skype completely and restart it in order to re-join the call. 
Today when it happened the second time, I took my iPad to re-join and the connection did not disconnect anymore then.


So I assume is must be a problem with Skype on Windows with some very specific constellation of maybe hardware, drivers, software.....


Maybe we can find something in common. I have the following configuration:

- Lenovo T430 Notebook, connected with gBit-LAN to the router, running Win7 Pro 64bit

- Internet connection speed is 20Mb/s downstream and 2Mb/s upstream ( shows 19.8Mb/s down and 1.8Mb/s upstream)

- Logitech wireless headset connected on USB2 port (However, the problem also arises if the headset is not connected and I use the integrated microphone & wired headphones)

- The Notebook is attached to an external monitor

- I am connected remotely to our office through VPN. Internet-traffic is not routed through the VPN tunnel. The problem also happens if I am not connected to the VPN.

- Using Teamviewer V8 (locally installed). The problem also happens if not running a teamviewer session.

- Having Chrome, MS Outlook, Eclipse, ESET Antivirus and Checkpoint Disk encryption running al the time.


@others having these problems: what's your configuration ?

@Skype Inc.: Is there someting that I can do to narrow down the source of the problem?

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Former Staff

@schlm3, can you please reproduce the issue you are experiencing with the latest 6.14 Skype and  provide logs as described in this link under Skype for Windows Desktop and attach it to your post?


It would help us solve the issue or at least to find the cause and workaround.

Thank you

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Casual Adventurer

I have switched on the logging and had the issue this morning in a call with a collegue.

The call "disconnected" (skype showed that there is a problem with the connection and that it tries to reconnect). As always in this case, I closed skype and restarted it.

Now I searched for the logfiles, but could only find the files which I assume are from the second (reconnected) call. See screenshot:


I could upload the files from 09:35 if you think they could help.

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Casual Adventurer

Ah, now I got it how it works...
Attached the logfile from April 2. when the connection crashed.

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Casual Adventurer

Same problem again yesterday and today, but unfortunately I can only upload files <= 10MB.

The debug-Logfiles are >60MB....

I attach the eas* and adch* logfiles, maybe they can help? I not, please advice how to upload the large logfiles.


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Former Staff

Hi, please upluad files that start with debug because in them the needed info is contained.
So debug****.log.

Thank you in advance

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Casual Adventurer

The Forum has an upload limitation of 10 MB. The Debugfiles are > 60MB most of the time. I have to wait for one which is smaller than the 10MB when the problem occurred.

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Former Staff

Can you please use some upload website such as dropbox, sendfiles...?

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Hi, can you try uploading to some service like dropbox, or anything similar? Thank you

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