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Call failing everytime I call an online contact

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As stated on the title , calling the other party keeps failing . Updated to the latest Skype Version , tried reinstalling it but it's not helping .

Windows 7 Home Premium user here .

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can you successfully do a test call to echo123?
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Yes I can make a call to echo123

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Super Adventurer
is it only this one contact that you are having trouble with?

if so, perhaps the issue is with that contact

can that contact call other contacts, including echo123?
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Novel Adventurer

Nope . I still can't contact other contacts .

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Everytime i try calling my contact it rings once then says call ended
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Everytime I call say call failed

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when everytime I call to an online contact , the call  failing everytime

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eah, this has been a consistent problem with Skype. It will work fine for the longest time, but all of a sudden, for no good reason, you wont be able to make any calls. I honestly think its just the Skype servers or something and they just don't want to say it. Regardless its been an ongoing issue that seems to be quite clearly on Slype's end, and that they've been avoiding responding to for at least a year now. I personally am starting to get irritated with Skype's lack of dependability and would switch to another program at this point, if it weren't for the fact that ai cant get all of my contacts to switch over with me.

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