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App for Windows 8 are really bad

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The apps Microsoft made for Skype are really bad.


Any chance for a update so you have some chance of getting to things like call and chat and make it more clear who are online.


Out of a lot of bad apps for windows 8 this take the cake!!

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I have to agree with ReneSkou, in my experience so far Skype for Windows 8 are really bad!


Calls don't connect... I've tested using another computer running Windows 7 to call the same skype account without any issue. It's the definitely the Windows 8 app.

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I can't get video skype to work at all for W8 Laptop or new W8 Nokia 920 phone, and there is nothing in the Apps to enable any sort of control.  Bring back Messenger please!  It has worked fine for many many years, Skype is a massive virus.


Microsoft, please try to be a little less suicidal as a corporation.


All the functionality of Messenger W7 has been stripped out, leaving zero for Skype W8.  This is a common problem for all W8 apps, enormously frustrating.  I'll be maintaining W7 desktop for years, the W8 Laptop and phone are reduced to childish toys, not meant for serious work or communication.

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You are right. It is impossible to run the app on my new PC with Windows 8. The screen turns into blue for a sec. and switch back to desktop. It does not work!

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Uninstall Skype App by right clicking it and selecting uninstall. Go to and download regular Skype version for desktop.  I was done messing with that App as well.  You can not sign out, interface is all backwards, can't find any positive to say about Skype App.  Back to old desktop version/

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I have to agree...this new windows8 skype really ---...and i thought the ipod veresion was bad I WILL NOT RECOMEND WINDOWS8 SKYPE APP TO ANYONE UNTIL THE IMRPOVE AND OR FIX IT



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Have to agree as well.
Oh so many basic features are missing.
And for that matter, a few very important features are missing as well.
Like, for example, getting notifications from people who write to you... <_<
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I can't send messages.

No really, I can't.

I've gotten a few messages to go through and OBVIOUSLY I am on the internet if I can post this. SO WHY?! Why wont the messages go through? I Still have the OLD desktop verison and just two days ago it was working perfectly! What the hell happened? I didn't do anything! I didn't move anywhere! This is just frustration as all heck. I got maybe ONE message to go through to a group, but trying to talk to my friend is just impossible without the video, or the microphone calling. That worked when i tried it out... but Since this 'glitch' you call it started happening I have dared to try it because I have a feeling windows 8 would screw it up.

Yes I got a new laptop, with windows god. I though my vista was bad and had to screw around for hours until something finally worked, glitching when loading flash making me have it go to sleep mode then pulling it back up working just fine. I would take THAT over not being able to talk to anyone.

I mean seriously? I've already tried to reintstall it, but it didn't work. I went for the old desktop verison. Really? This just pisses me off to no end. I am not one to complain, I usually try to fix things on my own but... well here I can't. I have no idea really how W8 works, I'm still getting used to it, so I have no idea what to do.

Once more I AM ON THE INTERNET, so why doesn't it work?

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If you have Windows 8 crashing or some un-regular behavior - just uninstall Skype for Windows 8 and use Skype for Desktop. Never use both Skype versions.
Regardless to questionable Skype for Windows 8 design, it is making OS unstable.

Save your time and nerves. Also be aware that some other apps from store can cause your system instability as well. It looks MS has an issue with framework.

Take Care


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