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Absolutely appalled by Skype (somewhat non-existing??) customer support .ACCOUNT BLOCKED!

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Skype has completely BLOCKED/SUSPENDED without any kind of explanation leaving me at a loss as to why.  I cannot believe what I am having to go through to get help with my account that has been blocked.

I see so many people here on the forums having this issue and blatantly having their doubts and requests unanswered. Is this how a serious company goes about it?

I tried to log in on Wednesday 02/07/2014 when I got the warning message. 

Thing is, I have two different laptops, and one PC, and two smartphones.  It is never clear, from wich PC, or laptop, or smartphone. I will login. I live in a big city in Brazil, sometimes i enter from my HP laptop. Sometimes from my Acer one. Mostly from my smartphone. And even so just from time to time. When I'm on vacation/holiday I go visit family in the countryside. Then I take my laptop and smartphone and sign in from there. 

I can only believe this is POSSIBLY the only thing that skype's team has been frowning upon.

I have been for the world cup in the countryside with my family, and my mother, who has two sons (my brothers) in the netherlands wanted to speak with them right before their birthday.  She has an old Nokia phone with Symbian device. So I signed in to my account, from her phone. Because she doesn't have/doesn't want one. That's when I got the suspended/blocked warning so this CAN ONLY POSSIBLY BE THE PROBLEM. It was required of me to fill out a form with instructions to check if the data between skype's database and my personal info matched.
Seeing as I had an important business meeting through Skype that day, it becomes clear that, due to all of this hassle, not only have i missed the interview, but have also been left in an extremely uncomfortable situation when I had to send an SMS message on the last minute to my company's headquarters informing that I was incapacitaded to do te interview for these very inconvenient reasons while 5 people on the other side of the world waiting for me.


I sent the form, waiting on a response from Skype, wich was said would "only" take 24 hours max. I waited more than 36.
The person who was atending me, some man by the name of "Adonis R" returned the email asked me what would be the Skype-names/Microsoft account adresses involved with the issue.
Wich I sent over. Again a 24 hours wait (this time actually gotten a response in -24 hours).
Then 05/07/2014, I have goten a new email as if nothing i ever sent, EVER, was received, and completely intentionally ignored by Mr. Adonis R. and as if nothing was taken into matter.
Mr. Adonis sent me a link, asking me to fill out the first, and before mentioned form, i had already have to go through. Having my question as to why the block was happening completely overlooked.
This seemed a bit like a joke, so I requested going further with the recovery process with someone else. Wich I now have. She reccomended me under a few situations to just completely create a new account. And i ask myself REALLY? is THAT the solution when skype wrongfully blocks you from your friends and faraway family?
Skype's team should be smart enough and aware that some people (i do think it's the majority BY FAR) who have contacts wich are irrecoverable, business as well as personal contacts. Friends from 30 years ago living in foreign countries with their usual means of contact.

I some friends and have been meeting other on the skype forums who have had their account suspended who were complaining about getting asked to fill these forms over and over again with not a really much larger explanation as to why. Wich they created topics in the forums for, as to seek some enlightenment from moderators of it, and other users themselves.  They have left Skype forgood in trade for other similar services online when then found out they were just in an eternal merry-go-round of these forms over and over. I think it is understandable when I say it is not that easy to just ''create a new account'' since having lived abroad, and in many countries.. Netherlands.. Ireland.. now Brazil, and having made many friends and business contacts all over the world that I have no other way to come in contact with other then Skype. Their existance for me would be lost forever. I hope Skype's team will take this more into consideration in the future? People are getting very unpleased.


I am recomending friends, family, business associates in the company etc to do away with Skype and advising them to avoid Skype at all costs.

What they are doing to me, and to SO MANY PEOPLE (just look it up on the forums!) how many people are having this same problem, and they get one answer, and then suddenly none. Just completely ignored posts on the page. So many!
I would still like for someone to verify this block/suspend problem AS A TRUE THREAT. Since I really think this has to do with me signing in from different places. Specially the last time as i before-mentioned, from an old Nokia phone with an old symbian os.

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Sorry, but I have never had this happen to me and I have used it in 3 different countries over a few days on multiple devices. If conference calls and meetings are really important for business, I would recommend something like WebEx or GotoMeeting and some other PBX. Doesn't sound like you had a good time with Skype

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Hello, mirthless!

Thank you so much for your recommendations!

This is the first time I had my account blocked/suspended at all (however unjustfully) and they are not willing to helo in this process either. They ignore messages on the forum.. emails..

I didn't even know an account could get to this state just out of nowhere without explanations from anyone from Skype.

I figured this happens and IS happening to a lot of people after (due to this experience) looking up the forums, and google in general. You'll be shocked how many people are having this and go unreplied/unhelped with problems extremely similarto mine as I described above (they just send you the same form over and over again as if they were not even reading it)

It is a shame because I have too many business contatcs/family/friends, some wich I have no way of coming in contact with ever again, because I have no other information like phone number, email adress etc to reach out for them outside of Skype. This is saddening because I never used to have problems with Skype before the Microsoft merge
Thanks again for the recommendations!


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If it's any consolation, Microsoft is huge and their support staff must have thousands of requests come in. Knowing software companies, the bug you mentioned is likely on some product roadmap for the future and someone is chipping away at related bugs. I wonder what they would have to say at a Microsoft store? (yes, Skype is owned by MSFT)

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