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6.14 - latest Skype for Windows is available!

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Former Staff

We've just released Skype 6.14 for Windows Desktop. Please upgrade by downloading it from


Among stability improvements and bug fixes, this new version will offer some of the users on Windows 8/8.1 a spell-checking and auto-correction functionality when writing instant messages. Please note that both options are controlled by Windows and can be enabled/disabled in system settings (see this FAQ for help).


We are looking forward to hear your feedback shared with Skype here on the community, as we continue making Skype even better.

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Casual Tourist

This is great news, will this work with WIndows 7 ?

Reliable Adventurer

I'm on Windows 8.1 and spell check has not lit up. Are there special scenarios (e.g. premium client? group call?) in which spell check does not work?


Also a changelog would be handy.


This version for windows 7 x64 has disabled drag and drop of contracts into an ongoing call to add contacts to current call/conference.

Casual Adventurer

You guys removed the (finger) smiley?!


Reliable Adventurer

Still no Opus codec?

Novel Adventurer

I do not recommend this release for Windows 8.1 Pro (KB2919394)

Novel Adventurer

Why removed (fubar)(finger)(wtf)(hollest) ? I'm back to to 6.13...

Community Ambassador

Even if these depreciated emoticons will display on your 6.13 version, they will not display on your contact's Skype when/if they update to the 6.14 version.

Routine Adventurer

Is the following two important features available in this so called new version?


1. Offline history view;

2. new incoming email notification?

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