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Echo / Sound Test

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ahoj peto pod na pokec a mi napis co si pisal na skype lebo neviem to precitat

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i cannot get the Sound, pictures (mine and the other party), working. 



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echo sound test is offline. I want to do  a test to make sure everything is working


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HTC Trophy (Verizon) with latest updates.  I'm a professional programmer, so here's my view/guess at things.  When tapping to make the call, I believe the Skype app itself generates that "twiddle" tone, so it is not audio data being sent from the Skype network.  The "ring" that follows I think is also a pre-canned audio built into the application and not audio from the network.  So these first two auditory feedbacks are entirely different from hearing network audio.


Once the call connects, the lady saying "please record your message" is the first audio data acdtually coming from the network.  The Skype app has to handle this data differently from the "twiddle" and "ring", and supply it to the audio drivers in a different manner.  The "twiddle" and "ring" always seem to work, but you don't hear the lady so it's the network audio data where things fail.


By watching the call timing, it appears that the app thinks it is handling the call correctly.  It gives every impression of thinking that it is sending the audio data to the speaker, but apparently the speaker isn't actually playing the data.


Tapping the "speakerphone" app button is a "reasonably" reliable way to get the network audio to start playing over the speaker.  The trick for reliability is to wait to turn on the speakerphone until after the "ring" finishes playing.  This is the point where the app has switched over from playing canned audio built into the app to playing network audio.  If you turn on the speakerphone too early, the app isn't into playing network audio yet so the action of turning on the speakerphone doesn't always have the desired effect of jabbing the network audio handling to get it moving.


Unfortunately turning off the speakerphone doesn't cause the speaker to continue working as a normal earpiece.  The audio simply disappears.  This is disappointing.  There was a decent chance that having jabbed the network audio in the rear end by turning on the speakerphone would cause it to continue working when switched back to a normal earpiece.  (I've seen things like this circumvent software bugs in the past.)


What does appear to be working reliably is Bluetooth when using the Skype app.  Pretty amusing since Bluetooth requires a little more complexity.  However it is not an unreasonable expection.  Sending audio to Bluetooth takes a different path through the operating system and audio drivers than sending audio to the speaker.


Since some people say that the Skype app is working fine on other HTC WinPhones, I got to wondering if the difference is the HTC Sound Enhancer on the Trophy.  I don't know if that is on the other HTC WinPhones.  It is certainly sitting in the audio path and could be a reason why Skype doesn't work well on the Trophy but does work well on other WinPhones.

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Is there a step by step procedure to foloow that tells me that my audio is working.My ech test has no sound. It does not ring and I do not hear any message, just the timer shows the length of time elapsed? Very frustrated.

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Are you using the HTC Trophy on Verizon?  Just checking because that's what this thread is about.


Assuming you are... my experience is fairly consistent when calling the Echo Test.  I always hear the initial Skype twiddle sound immediately after saying to dial the Echo Test number.  I also always hear the ringing whether using the earpiece as a normal handset earpiece, as a speakerphone, or through my Bluetooth headset.


Once the Echo Test number answers, there is the lady's voice that guides you through the Echo Test.  I have NEVER heard that lady's voice when using the earpiece as a normal handset.  I can "very often" manage to start hearing the lady's voice if I tell the Skype app to switch to speakerphone mode.  However the success of that varies somewhat by precisely when I tell the app to switch to speakerphone.


I've had the most success when trying to do it IMMEDIATELY after the ringing stops.  If I do start hearing the lady's voice over speakerphone, then I can complete the entire Echo Test success using speakerphone.  I continue to hear the lady's voice, I can record a test message, and I can hear the test message played back.


I have the most consistent success using my Bluetooth headset.  I have never encountered a problem with the Echo Test when I've had my Bluetooth headset on.  I have also made successful test calls out from Skype to my wife's cell phone using my Bluetooth headset.


However my testing has been limited to a dozen or so experimental test calls.  My only personal need for Skype is to use it on a trip to the UK which is still coming up.  So far I've only been doing testing to try and get any bugs out while I'm still in the US.

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when i boot up skype,i get a loud hissing noise.I have gone through all of the sound settings without success.

                               Please help Eic Causey

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Hello..I can't sign in nor try the echo test call. I used Skype 2 or 3 yrs ago with MacBook Pro; still using the same laptop.  Created a new account; am I doing something worng? Please help.

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echo/soun test do not send my voice bach

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thank you

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