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unable to make calles to phone

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peepk That link is dead. I am having the same issue on WP7. Valid subscription but unable to make calls. It makes me a sad panda
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I was trying to call to a phone in Brazil (Porto Alegre region) and it says that the operator code is not necessary anymore. Probably the 51 area code requires re-programming as there was a change in the law recently. Now, all the numbers with the same area code do not need the operator number (e.g. 21, 15, 14 etc). Please solve this issue.


Best REgards,


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Hi ,

I have unlimited monthly plan to India, and I bought this just 5 days back. It worked fine for 3 days, after that problem has started, other side people are not able to listen my voice properly(My Internet and audio settings are good, when I make test call it is fine).


And from today problem has become more serious , I could not able to call any Idea mobile.


Please look into this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.


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I'm trying to make phone calls. All calls image is ringing in my destination call but when answere can not hear them and the can not hear me. Then the call disconnects Please check for me what the problem is
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I paid $14.00 credit for pay as you go. I am not able to make  calls to India.

Pl help

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