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sync message and favorite across devices

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Casual Tourist

** favorite contacts are not in sync with all my devices.

** my massages are not showing up on all the devices.

** Incoming call seem ring either my phone or tablet or pc. seems like on the server side it's only 1 device per user. so if you have multiple devices. the last device that registers gets the call invites. 


devices: nokia 920, windows 8 pro pc and windows 8 tablet


any thoughts on this?

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Community Manager
Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have identified some shortcomings in multi-device usage like the ones you described and already started working on addressing these. As you probably understand this requires all involved Skype clients to be updated to work together so it might take a while until you will see the improved experience on your end. But rest assured we are already on it.

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Novel Tourist

I see your message assuring that you work on the 'problem' of syncing favorite contacts on different devices. how come that this statement is from 2011 and the problem is still not solved yet, two years later!!

Or is there any solution meanwhile that I have not found in my research?


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Novel Adventurer

This is such an incredibly important and basic thing!  Why haven't you done it!

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In the peer to peer world, where Skype started, syncing things was difficult at best and impossible at worst.  As we move to a server-based infrastructure, a much better multi-device experience will be possible.


You can read more about it here:

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Novel Adventurer

Whatever!  You can sync contacts, but you can't sync a field associated with a contact that says it's a favorite!  That's a weak excuse.  Just tell us when it will be implemented, and don't try to give an excuse.

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Novel Tourist

I can't believe this isn't implemented yet.

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Reliable Tourist

In the world of cloud computing, I am shocked that such an important suggestion has been outstanding for more than 4 years. Please get this done ASAP.



Kind Regards,
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