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Working devices

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Works like a charm in my Lumia 710. Call quality is really good. Video is also not bad either.

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In my Lumia 710  doesn't work front camera. It at all so?

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Samsung focus sends video but doesn't seem to receive. Chat texting does work but you can't see what is being chatted about unless you close the keyboard again.


LG quantum works but crashes when doing video calls and you still can't see what is being chatted about when using even the slide out keyboards.

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Why I can not see person speaker from the other side with video calling ?

I can see only pictures with my rear camera from Lumia 800 !!

If there any options to see person speaker from the other side , please write me or tell me how to do !!!

Thank you

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HTC Mozart

Windows Phone 7.5

All vendor and Microsoft updates installed

All works fine. No errors, never stopped working.

Only thing that felt unusual - new messages notification (orange ball in the right top corner) does not work immediately - need to hover for about 1.5 seconds to open. Still it may be a feature.

Everything else works as it is expected to be.

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Hallow I also have a Mozart but. I can't seem to see where to minimise Skype to run in the background... Please help... If I esc. It shuts down..

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HTC HD7 - all works except that it only uses the external speaker, you can not switch to the internal speaker and use it like a phone.

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On my HTC hd7 calls and msg notifications are not show when I am on main screen of wp7 and out of Skype tile, while I always enabled the auto sign in option. Pleas fixed,case its to bad!!!!

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HTC Radar

Whenever I minimise Skype it gets disconnected. Is this normal?

Sudhagaran R
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I wasn't able to download Skype on my HTC 7 Pro and the issue was because of the region I have registered my live account to and it was Lebanon.
I have created another live account with United States region and it worked after of course resetting the HTC 7 pro to use the new windows live account.

Good luck.
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