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Working devices

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HTC HD7 Text, Voice and Video Calls function flawlessly, really impressed with the video and audio quality. Fails to connect when on Mobile connection, at least for me it does.


For those of you who are having problems with audio coming from the external speaker only, tap the middle button when in a call and that should switch the audio output to the earpiece. Note: This doesn't apply to Video Calls for obvious reasons.


Windows Phone 7.5 7.10.8107.79

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@neo158: this middle button has no effect when on a call; external speaker only I'm afraid. Using latest o2 uk update for WP7.5 on my HD7

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Skype is running on my Samsung Omnia 7 16 GB (in Germany) with the known limitations. Text, voice and video calls work, video sometimes a bit laggy, mabe due to bad WiFi strength.


(If I call a buddy who owns a MAC and I switch to video his Skype crashes - don't know his version.)

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jdbrookes wrote:

@neo158: this middle button has no effect when on a call; external speaker only I'm afraid. Using latest o2 uk update for WP7.5 on my HD7

Funny, I swear that when I was in a voice call just now that button worked perfectly for me and, yes, I'm on O2 and have the 8107 update.


@Peter_7: How have you got a version, the latest version is

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I've got the same problem on my HTC Mozart 7, calls can be given only by using loudspeaker. (WP7 7.10.8107.79)
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Same issue with my Samsung Focus. No audio on the other end; I can hear them fine.
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I've been messing around with the app on the lumia800 and can't seem to get the microphone working yet. 


Can hear other party fine and chat works completely fine as well.

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check in HTC Mozart 7.
Loud speaker only.
can't able to change the status (online, away,offline)
it's not running in background. this is huge problem.
if the skype will not run in background then it's not help full.
if any person call you. you will not get the popup.

need to fix this on stable release. any ways great step
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Well seems like signing into an alt account and then signing back into the main account fixed the issue.
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using HTC Mozart, the calls are always on speaker. No matter what I do, it will not switch back to standard phone mode.