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Working devices

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HTC Mozart here. Voice calls work fine, except loudspeaker only. Haven't been able to confirm video calls yet. Excellent audio call quality over both 3G and WiFi.

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durn wrote:

Calling - Call quality is good and not too laggy, can switch between internal/external speaker (though seems like I need to start call first?)


I belive this is a mistake. Switching the call between Speaker/Handset in fact does not work on the HTC HD7. At least not on a Stock 8107 system. Claudius, I would update the first post to reflect that.


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Hi, a number of us on the wp7 board on reddit have the HTC HD7, and everything is working ok except all audio is routed through the loudspeaker only, and NOT through the standard earpiece. Working fine on a Lumia 800 though. Thanks, great app.

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Works fine on Samsung Omnia 7.

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Problems with htc 7 pro. OS version 7.10.8107 the call functions only with the rear speaker. If i tap to switch to the front, the rear drops only a bit the volume but the sound still comes trough the rear speaker. I hope later versions will fix that because i have the same bug with an other app(tango). But all in all the UI is great, what should br there is the status of thr contacts that we can see who is online and who busy... But thats easy later. Just an stripe beneath the profile picture in the xolor of the status fixes this. Thanks for the aoo, i hope we dont wait so long to an update like with the facebook app from microsoft...

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works well on lg quantum no issues
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Verizon HTC Trophy


Works great, Voice, IM, Video tried both over 3G and WiFi.

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LG Optimus Quantum (LG-C9000B) - Working well

Voice call, Text Message, presence

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It works on HTC Arrive, but audio calls only work on the loudspeaker.. when the keyboard is open, it switches to landscape but refuses to focus on the text field and gets messed up. Video calling works, but the video seems to be on the left side of the screen sometimes when you're in call view, but not necessarily full screen video view. 

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hey does the voice go to the big speaker on the back or the normal phone speaker
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