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Working devices

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I 2nd this, works fine on my venue pro too
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I tried this on my HTC HD2 running WP7.


The audio calls work fine, but only through the speaker, not through the earpiece.


There needs to be an ear-piece toggle.


The video works fine landscape, but not portait as the image is inverted both horizontally and vertically.


The quality of sound was excellent on an audio call, but it was unusuable when it switched to video, too.




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Voice calling works on my Swedish HTC Trophy

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SAMSUNG Omnia 7 works, too

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Ommia 7 confirmed.

Being called is difficult for the phone, but calling, np  

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Community Manager
Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far. Keep it coming.

@waltmanc: Which custom ROM did you use to get WP7 on your HD2? DFT?

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HTC Mozart work too

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HTC 7 Mozart confirmed
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LG C900 is working good so far - audio, video and chat. Even my Bluetooth headset is working nicely (Sennheiser MM550)
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for HTC Radar is ok, but UI working with delay
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