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Windows phone 8x app wont open

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So after i installed the latest version, where you are now able to make video messages, the application, after signing in, will not open again, it will say it is ressuming the application, to only then crash immediatly after and the only way i can actually open skype, is if i get a message from somebody, but even then, i can only look at that chat, and if I try to click on my notifications, it crashes again.
I've reported this on the store page, a long with a few other 8x users, but its been about three weeks and nothing has been said to us..
Please could someone get back to me on what has happened, because besides this problem, skype is still my favourite piece of software  

Thank you

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thank you for reporting your issue here. Could you please let us know your OS and firmware versions, as well as your account size? And as I understand from your report below the issue was already happening before the latest update?

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Yeah it was happening before the update.

So my OS is :8.0.10211.204
and my Firmware is: 1532.20.20100.206

Have you any idea as to what is causing it?

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Thank you for the additional info, could you please also let us know how many contacts you have?

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Casual Adventurer

I have around 64 contacts on my skype.. Have you any idea what might be causing these problems?


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please can someone from Skype or Microsoft, try and sort this problem, Its getting ridiculus, and seeing as you guys are now under the same company, there shouldn't be that many problems, especially as the phone im using, is the same software as windows 8.. Please, its really becoming a nuisance to me..

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Thank you for your cooperation and the additional information, we are working on fixing the issue.


Some users having a similar issue have reported that uninstalling Skype, rebooting the phone and then reinstalling Skype has solved the issue, please try if you haven't yet.

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