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Windows Phone 7.8 and Skype

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I hope that Microsoft will bring a full Skype integration with Windows Phone 7.8 (just like in WP8) or allow VoIP apps to work in background. You see, I am a HTC 7 Trophy user and after 2 years I cannot rant about the lack of upgrades regarding WP8However, there is a smartphone called Nokia Lumia 900. And in some countries it isn't out yet. Without any further love for the WP7 platform you are basically saying "Don't buy these phones if you want to use Skype properly. Wait for WP8 devices or try iOS or Android." That's a bad joke, isn't it?


Well, I am looking forward for the WP7.8 update. The Skype App is working smoothly and all but without notifications or atleast a livetile it's useless to me.


This post has been written on a Windows Phone and meanwhile I had to switch back and forward between IE9 and Skype just for making sure not to miss any chat messages.

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Thanks for your feedback. Both the Windows Phone and Skype teams are working hard to ensure the best possible experience on both phones with Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

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Hello, Claudius.


Tnx for letting us know more about it. Theres a lot of rumors around 7.8 version of WP integration with Skype. Lots of bla bla bla...


Thank u very much!

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Thank you for your reply, Claudius. 

Just to add up. I completely agree with dsung. Just buying a brand new, one of the most expensive phones on the market... Showing my full support by it to WP platform and Skype by using it and buying credits for years... It is a bit harsh to  realise it will not be upgraded to wp8, what is understandable... IF! 7.8 won't be just a new start screen... BUT an update to Skype experience... Hopefully integration or... at least an app... that runs in a background... 

P.S. Windows Phone users are so patient... and so trusting buying latest models of WP - radars, lumias  and etc... waiting for Skype that "just works" same as for years now on iOS and Android... I hope their and my trust and patience will be rewarded.

Proud WP and Skype user... 

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You might be waiting a while for Skype that "just works" - I've used Skype for PC, Linux, iPhone and never had any problem. Recently I used Skype for Android for the first time. A short time after I was connected the call was dropped - first time ever. Android phones have been available for years so I wouldn't be too optimistic about a functioning version for Windows Phone being available soon.

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So I am a ex-iPhone user who had been for the last 2 years using Skype and the iPhone together. Basically it allowed me to stay "online" when the app was not on the main screen.
Windows Phone 7.5 on my Lumia doesn't. Sort of a bit of a problem when you think about it. Someone essentially has to call you on the GSM network to say "turn on your skype" to be able to use it! Pointless!!

So if Microsoft wants Windows Phone to survive, it's the people who initially took them up they do need to look after. We will champion their system as it is very good, however the need to get something in Windows Phone 7.8 for that to happen. They would be essentially shooting themselves in the foot not doing so.
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If Skype has to be running all the time to receive incoming calls is likely to be due to the lack of a Skype background service listening for incoming calls (not the full app) rather than a problem with Windows Phone. Email push notifications are an example of this where you don't have to keep the email app running all the time to know when a message has arrived.

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I am just wondering if there are any news about upcoming updates to Skype app coming for WP 7.5 - 7.8 or any news on update plans? Long time no news and updates...


We are continuing to work hard to ensure the best possible experience on both phones with Windows Phone 7.8 and 8, but have no announcement to make on features or plans at this stage.

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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate this, and at the same time hoping it will not be required to buy a new phone to get a better skype for 7.5 users =) after 2 years of expectations. I just like to complain 

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