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Unable to login to Skype in WindowsPhone 7.5

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I think skype for windowsphone 7.5 was discontinued last week. I was unable to login to skype on my Nokia 800 (which worked perfectly until then), so I removed Skype and tried to reinstall but when trying to do this I get the message that this version of Skype is not available for your phone. Also, skype on my skypephone (a Philips telephone with internet connection) has stopped working last week.

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guys maybe they doing some update(i hope so!!!!) but why skype is not answering to this issue. Or maybe they will remove skype for wp7 users (boom!!! were all doom!!!), i dont know what is happening to microsoft, are they leaving wp7 users behind, i love nokia and microsoft ever since but for what is happening now, i've regret buying this phone I bought  this phone(Lumia 900)  2012, the hardware is fine but the software is not good, But i hope microsoft will fix this problem soon, 

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I just checked the Skype website; it states that support for Windows phone 7 has been discontinued due to insufficient demand and Skype for windowsphone 7 cannot be downloaded anymore  - you stil be able to use it if it is already on your phone (but for me it clearly did not work anymore) - so here we go

only skype for windows phone 8 available now

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den wp7 is finish, no good at all!!! thanks anyway for info man, 

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I just spoke with support and they gave me this answer:


"As per our advance resources, unfortunately, old Skype versions are retiring. Unfortunately, the
latest version for Windows phone is no longer supported by Windows 7 phone. The best option for
you is to upgrade your phone for you to be able to install latest version of Skype.


It won't be possible to install or update Skype on Windows 7 phone since it doesn't meet the
requirements for latest Skype version"

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My brother's old HTC Legend from 2010 still runs skype. Way to treat your customers Microsoft. I was perfectly happy with my Lumia 800, now I'm forced to upgrade? I will be upgrading to Android or iOS.

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Here the link...


That is very bad way to deal with costumer. They issue this after the fact.


I will order and Android right now and bye bye Windows Phone. I bought this phone to be able to devellop app, but their policies vs develloper was so bad at that time that I didn't want to invest time it it...Now with Skype gone my WP is useless.



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Thank you very much shotte.

I was going to get a WinPhone 8. Going to get an iPhone instead.

Who knows what MS will refuse to support in the future.

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No more Windows again!!!!

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Nokia and Microsoft occasionally absurd decision by Nokia is losing market . I condemned them to this absurd decision . I had to decide that it is better android . Nokia to sell quickly so I say causes buy android i **bleep** Nokia & i **bleep** microsoft corporation.
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