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Suggestion for notifications in multi-device usage

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matvey364 wrote:

Is it just my experience - when I set status invisible on a mobile WP8 device - I don't receive any notifications on it at all, even working on multiple devices... Only when it is switched back to the online status in an app... and quited to the background, then it will receive all notifications even from multiple devices. And I quite like it =) allows me to easy control, when I am online on mobile and receive everything... or when it is off =) Hope it makes sense?


It is not just your experience, it is expected behavior. Changing your presence on one device changes your presence on all devices, so if you set your status to invisible on WP8, you will be invisible everywhere and hence you will not received notifications during that time.

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I think this is superb =)) for two years on WP 7, I was dreaming about it... =) Makes my job a lot easier... Will keep playing with it futher. Thanks.


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You guys should look into gchat.


I run both a lumia 920 and galaxy nexus.


when i have a gchat window open in gmail, the first notification comes to both my phone and my gmail.  However, once i start typing back in gmail, i notice the notifications stop coming to my phone, but my phone is being updated.


Perhaps google is using a presence feature, i.e. it can tell if device A is being typed in, so it only sends notifactions to device A, and stops sending notifications to B, C, D, etc.



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dereklakin wrote:

Thank you for your suggestion, and yes right here is a great place to post them. We welcome and appreciate positive feedback and suggestions as much as bug reports and criticism


As users use Skype on more and more devices and increasingly on mobile devices, we can see that this is becoming more of an issue. So, we are aware of the issue, but it's a complicated problem to solve. For example, you could have been using your PC for the last 15 minutes, but then stopped, but still be at your desk. How do we determine whether we should send it to your PC or to your mobile? What if you have more than one device? Although it may be possible to guess which device your on at any given time, I think we're likely to get it wrong more often than we get it right, which would be even more annoying for users than the current situation.


As I mentioned, we are continuing to think about this issue, but don't have anything specific to announce at this time.

Umm it really isn't a complicated problem. If Skype on iPhone and Android doesn't suffer from this issue then I see no reason why WP8 should. We should not have to tinker with notifications everytime we decide to use Skype. It's 2013.

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Maybe if Microsoft would make the lock screen interactive with icons they would be able to add an icon on the lock screen in order for us to touch it so we don't have notification on the phone while on other devices. Just this would be a at least an option.

Even thought sometimes it seems complicated, small things like this is more than welcome if only MS would listen.

I'm sure there are plenty of other small tricks to help us not having notification on the phone while chatting on the PC which doesn't rely on automatism by the Skype app
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I think, the easiest way to solve this problem to add for Skype WP app an option to sing out, our don't notify my on my phone status for next xx hours. Or somethig similar option.


Also I would like to know, why the live title showing new unread messages notification in numbers, what a I have already read on may desktop or oder device???

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Simpler tweak: if I acknowledge receipt of a notification on device X, remove that notification from all other devices.  I don't have a problem receiving them on all devices that are active, but simply removing it from one of those is a pretty good indicator that I've seen and understood and don't need it anywhere else?

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I can appreciate that problem and could live with the notification popping up on all my devices, but if I respond to it on my PC, then it no longer needs to be a "new notification" on my other devices. If I have 16 conversations at work, which are no longer "new/notifications" on my work PC.. I don't need reminding of them when I make it back to my PC at home or load up skype on my mobile

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I totally understand what you mean about knowing whether or not the person is on the phone or on the laptop, but I think this problem can be easily solved. It's similar in the case of emails or Facebook, etc. When you're online and your "presence" is given on a device (like your laptop), the same notification won't be sent to your phone unless you go away from the page. 

I think someone else kind of mentions this later on. But I totally agree that you guys do a wonderful job of customer service and quality service. Thanks for all the effort. 

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First: have a section on your website called suggestions!!
Second: when I paste a phone number into the 'phone' keypad area, it always MAKES me have an area code.... Sometimes,,,, read most times,,,, I already have an area code in my contacts. I can't erase mid-number... I can only backspace and remove the whole phone number... You see, I'll have two area codes entered, one that you make me choose, and the other from my contacts because I just copied the full number, including the area code.
THIRD: I don't receive text messages to my phone number, the one I paid for, so I could receive phone calls via Skype from every landline and every cell phone, so, they try to text me, and they can't....
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