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Skype shows me as always online ever since I started using it for WP8

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A few weeks ago I got a WP8 Nokia, installed skype, and now every time I switch off the wifi it shows me as online and people message me thinking I'm there. I have the internet switched off everywhere, it always shows me as online. I tried reinstalling the app, did not help. The only fix for this right now is clicking invisible every time I want to switch of the Wi-Fi, and then click Online every time I want to be online, and that's just tedious and I forget it all the time. It should show me as offline when I turn my wifi off.

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Thank you for your feedback. At the moment you indeed might appear online to your contacts hours after you have switched off Wi-Fi and the only way to avoid this is to change your status manually. We are working on improving how your availability is presented to your contacts.
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Same thing here on my WP8 Lumia 920, latest version of Skype. Still no change.

Hope you fix it soon. It is very frustrating. At least implement a timeout of some sort...


Same problem, i have lumia 820!!!

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I have Lumia 620
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Hello to all of my friends
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Same problem with Nokia Lumia 620 acquired at 12/2013 in Brazil.

Do you already have a solution for this bug or some advice while you're looking for it? It's very annoying! I'm thinking at uninstall it and just use WhatsUp.

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I've read about this always on "feature". But it isn't. Agree with the others, it's confusing. Everyone is pissed up by me because I'm not answering... At least could you set it to the state of away if Skype is not currently running in the foreground?

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do you really cannot fix this serious BUG after several months?


I'm visible online, but I don't receive messages, because in fact, I'm offline. This make Skype Mobile USELESS, becouse such "online" status is false information to people I know

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As I've requested here,, I believe the solution to this would to be provide an ability to explicitly set the phone client offline. Currently I achieve this by signing out of the app, which is inconvinent but does work.

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